SO process: Different per store?

  1. I called up my SA today to check on the results from Podium. And he told me that the store manager does not tell them what orders went through, and they just call people when the orders come in???
    Before today I've always felt like they would know which orders got put through, and my SA even told me once that when the manager comes back they will find out which bags got put through. But now this!
    I'm not understanding this, is this store the only one that has a policy like this?
    Please let me know if your stores tell you the status of your podium orders and the locations of your store. THx!
  2. My store told me if my orders went through. The store manager said that he was able to order my 30cm orange ostrich Birkin but not the 28cm rigid natural veau chamonix Kelly. That's why he showed me which other leather will be available in natural ... in any case, I changed for the chocolate box Kelly and he said it should be ok.
  3. But LaVan you're in Europe right? I'm wondering if it's just a US thing, where the stores are starting to say, we don't do SOs so you'll just have to put your orders in and whatever comes comes.
  4. Yeah, I'm in Europe. I think with lilach it was also the same that the manager was able to confirm with her that her order went through.
  5. Whispa, this is precisely why my friend and I are confused too. She has several orders going in and was told similar things. They told her her orders were put through but they wouldn't know for sure until a few months from now. And then a different store once told my friend that if it's no news then it's good news and it just takes time for the bag to show up
  6. LaVan, when you said your orders were accepted, do you mean it was put through or that it's put through AND they said it's a definite?
  7. Kou, what has me confused is that before today it always sounded like they would have some sort of an answer once the podium was over... it's just all of a sudden today they come up with this we don't know, whatever happens happens thing...
  8. I'm just curious to find out if any store in the US will give definitive answers when it comes to Podium orders
  9. for me it is (and ever was) the same as with lovely la vanguardia :flowers:
    they tell me if the order went through and give an estimate date when it should arrive
    same this year with the exeption of one bag where they did not get ANY response :wondering
  10. Either that is the case with all U.S. stores, or the orders never went through (or even got placed) but they were afraid of fessing up:Push:

    I think Aspen's got some orders going in in July and they went through. Yooohoooooo~~ Aspen~~~ Where are yoooooooou~~~? Oh Aspen~~~ Did they tell you it was "put through" or confirmed that it's a go?
  11. Are they going to give you a response at some point though?
  12. of course my manager calls me every time as soon as he knows something and until this day he was always correct only the estimated time period can vary (example the can say 8 month and it could take 10 or 5 but normally it is pretty close to what i was told)
    i think aspen also got a confirmation that her orders are put through
  13. I think this is an informative thread because if I'm ever given the honor of placing an order, at least I'll know how it all works. Right now I'm confused because I don't know if "put through" is the same as being "accepted" ...

    Lilach, you really have an awesome manager, I wish I live in Germany so I can frequent your store instead:flowers:
  14. which store does Aspen go to? I seem to remember that the SF store also had a thing w/ telling all their customers they don't do SOs, so did anyone get a Podium order through that store? Kou, did your friend's store tell her that they CAN place SOs?
  15. From what I was told by my friend, she said her store CAN place SOs but not for crocs. Like they can do normal croc bags order but NOT special orders like croc JPG Birkin or something like that. But see, I don't know if any of this is true since she seems to be having such difficulty getting any type of response about her orders - I don't think her store is telling her everything. With her other stores, it's like she places a order, told that her order was placed (not confirmed) and then a year later something shows up