SO procedure

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I put in a SO on a Birkin and in my excitement forgot to ask a few questions.

    The SA said that once confirmed it will take 6 - 18 months. Do bags ever come in early? Do they give you an exact arrival date? Is it possible for an identical bag to come into the store that hasn't been ordered? If this happens and I pass, am I still entitled to my ordered bag? Also, if during my waiting time I move to, say, Australia, can the H boutique (or head office) send the bag to the H store there for pickup?

    Sorry about all the questions ladies, I appreciate your help.
  2. :shrugs: Ask HG
  3. Trying not to hijack, but baggaholic, i LOVE your sig! :roflmfao: So true!

    Anyway, back to subject, i have no idea. :sad: It would be interesting to find out, though!
  4. Like all things Hermes, there is no rhyme nor reason to how they work. Your bag can come early and it can come late. They will not give you an exact time. This is what I do. If they say 1 year, I add another, but you just never know. The fastest I heard a SO turn over is 3 months for the super-, mega-, ultra-VVVVVIPs. You know, the ones who get invited to the runway show and are on a first name basis with the Dumas and Guerrands and buy the entire RTW line complete with accessories. Yes, it's possible for the exact bag you ordered to show up and it's okay for you to turn it down. Your SO has your name on it and will go on a list in Paris. That bag is yours and yours only until you should decide to turn it down. Regarding your move, that is something I would discuss with your SA. Everything is dependent on your relationship with your store.
  5. ^^ the wise one has spoken!
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  7. Thanks for the info HG, I appreciate it. I kinda feel like a dufus for not asking the SA these questions but as you guys know PHH was making me really nervous by pulling faces at me. Well, chewy on his boot, he's the one paying for it! Lol.
  8. ......chewy on his boot:confused1: ..............I have to remember that one.

    Translation, please? I'm on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.:shrugs:
  9. Um...."chewy on his boot" kind of means "ha ha! suck it up buddy" - must be an Australian thing. Along with wanker, mate, sheila, bruce and stuffing our togs up our butts when rowing a boat.
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  12. HG pretty much said it all.

    I know a non-VIP and her bag came in 5 months from order time. Quite fast I might add, so be prepared with the $$$.

    Then, she SO another bag, but the boutique received the same bag just as a store order "they placed". It was offered to her. She had the option to take it or wait for her SO. Crazy things you must always be ready!
  13. Wow, how come this never happened to me :Push:
  14. I need to be near a store that does SOs.... :cry:
  15. HG, Cal lives closer to me than she does to SN and K. It's probably why my Hermination was so effective, it's the pull of the mothership.