So Pretty

  1. i just got the americana manhasset spring/summer brochure in the mail today and this beautiful kelly was featured. what do you think?
  2. Doesn't Pazt have this bag?!:nuts: It's GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  3. Absolutely stunning and perfect for summer. Who could resist such a beauty?
  4. Perfect for the summer...gorgeous!
  5. ^^^EXACTLY!!!! I was gonna say that too!!! I think she does!!!! Maybe a diff. size, perhaps???:love:
  6. pazt is lucky gal!!
  7. I Agree Pazt Is A Lucky Girl!!! The Bag Is Gorgeous ~ So Is Pazt!!!!!
  8. That's gorgeous! Lucky Pazt!!!
  9. I love it! Gimme toile/leather combos anyday!
  10. I totally agree! A summer stunner.
  11. That's the first person I thought of when I saw this! What a lucky gal our Pazt is! :yes:
  12. It's beautiful. Perfect summer bag.
  13. Yeah! That is pazt's bag indeed! Lucky pazt!
  14. Babyh are you thinking what I think you are thinking??:graucho:
  15. wow!! what a perfect summer bag!!!!!!