SO/podium order - would this HAC order be a waste of time?

  1. Does anyone have any recent experience with requesting a 36cm HAC in chevre (CDC)? I did a few tPF searches on chevre and I gather large sizes are harder to come by - 40 cm Birkins, for instance, are virtually non-existant (because they just don't make goats that big!)... 36 CDCs exist??

    1. If I were to request a 36 HAC in CDC, would that be a waste of time? would they reject me outright - or, worse, would I be waiting 2 years +++ for a bag?

    2. If I were to request a 36 HAC in togo, would I have a better chance of getting a bag within a few months (not years) - ie like a regular Birkin?

    3. If I were to request a bicolour combination (ie the lining on the inside in a different colour) - will that add a lot of time to my order?

    Your expertise is appreciated, ladies - I am working on putting my first order ever together, and you are my guides!
  2. I think a 36cm in Togo would be your best bet for getting one sooner than later, PIAFFE. What color did you decide on?

    (This is so exciting!!!!!!)
  3. Colour is the *only* thing I have decided on... etoupe with GH (I fell in mad passionate love with LuxChic's 35 Birkin in this combo - and saw a Lindy 34 etoupe GH and swift at the boutique).

    Etoupe reduces my leather choices to CDC, togo, clemence or swift. Swift won't work for me - it is beautiful, but very slouchy and a little less hardy than clemence or swift (from what I've gathered from many, many searches here).

    Now the question is: CDC or togo 36 HAC (a choice that will depend on wait - I do not want to wait years for CDC) - or 40 Birkin in clemence or togo.

    I am actually - if you can believe this - building *life-sized cardboard cutout models* of both the HAC 36 and the Birkin 40 so that I can see what the silhouette will look like on my frame.
  4. ^^ I also loved Aminamina's bicolour etoupe JPG, with rose shocking lining on the inside. So I do want to explore a bicolour combination as well.
  5. I love this idea.:love: I think the bright lining is an extra-special, personal touch. I would love to do that, but I need to start all the relationship-building, etc. before I get to the point that I can do an SO.
  6. piaffe, as i understand it NO CDC bag orders were accepted at the last podium. so my store put my chevre kelly order in as an SO, and even then they had to order it in the new chevre rather than CDC.
  7. Interesting. I'm not familiar with the SO difference - but does this get put in at the podium as well, or can a SO request go in any time? And is there a much longer wait for SOs?

    How did the new chevre leather look/how does it compare with CDC?
  8. :lol: Excellent idea! ..Why not?
  9. The Etoupe in Togo will increase your chances. Last podium, CDC was available only in Souple (has a bit more give than traditional CDC) in Black, Etoupe, and Cocoan for 32 Kellys (didn't ask about Birkins or HACs unfortunately); I think requesting it in a larger size like the 36 HAC may increase the wait time or the chances of a rejection.
  10. I haven't seen souple CDC, but I think at this point that I will be guided by the SA and influenced by the wait time. This is not my ultimate "grail" bag, and I am deeply torn between the two because I am sure each will be a wonderful bag for me in various ways...

    Thanks for all the help!
  11. Not to hijack your thread, piaffe, but at what point does H tell you your order has been rejected?