SO Poche documents, questions!


Which Leather?

  1. Epi White! Beautiful and cheerful! (It's white!)

  2. Epi Black! Discreet and classy!

  3. Other, vernis, taiga, suhali... (Please post your choice!)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So I've decided to get a poche documents and I want it in epi.

    Do you think I should get it in black right now or wait for the white?

    I already have an agenda in black, red is not an option, I'm really considering the white though... it might not be discreet enough for "office work"?

    Or would another leather be nicer?

    I have some questions about the model:

    How large papers will it hold, how many?

    Is it "too small"?

    Is there some kind of lining? Is so what colour would best?

    Any experiences with it?
  2. i love white! i think you should get that color!
  3. The brown Suhali...
  4. Mandrain Epi! but not sure if it's still possible since LV consider them discontinued even there are still small stock floating around. White will be my next vote.
  5. Actually I'm more and more thiking about suhali. I had almost forgotten about it.. =P Do you know which colours SOs can be made in for suhali? I'd prefer blue, I have so much brown already.
  6. White!
  7. White.
  8. Thanks everyone for your opinion. I think I*ll wait for the whte epi to check it out. I think that's the one I wan tthe most, but it's not around yet.
  9. W H I T E !
  10. Taiga. Durable and subtle.
  11. Have you checked on this? Will they do a SO on this item? I would love one in black Epi.
  12. IF LV makes special orders in Suhali (notice the big IF), I am sure it would only in the currently avilable colours. So blue is out of the question, because it's been discontinued.