So pissed..

  1. at the swedish Tradera/eBay.

    8 hours until my auctions will close and they decided to close down 2 of my auctions because I had "inspired by" in the title. And sure, that is against their rules, so fine. But at the same day when they close? That just made me so pissed

    Instead of dealing with all the counterfeits on their site, they decide to close down my auctions.

    I was so angry i sent them a very..eum nice email.

    Sometimes I feel like screaming at them. The staff.

    So in protest i reported all fake LV as a begining. I found one authentic purse of 196 LV auctions. Wow.

  2. All you can say is 'designer inspired' . If you used any brand names at all its considered keyword spamming. If the bags actually had the designer patterns on them, thats considered counterfeit and not just inspired.