So Pissed off !!!, Why did this take so long ??

  1. I won an item on eBay a week and half ago, the payment options didnt include paypal so I sent cash (I know what some of you are going to say but I had to, there was no other way of me getting this) anyway I sent payment out last week to France by the best possible service and it cost alot of money to send payment.

    Now the UK and france is so close so I expected it to get there really soon and because I spent extra I thought this would be the case. so I tracked it and its still not there, nearly a week after I sent payment :cursing:, the seller is really nice and hasnt said anything but Im really annoyed at the post office.

    I wonder why it is taking so long ? :confused1:
  2. I think the UK is the only country in Europe that has a normal postal service! I live in Greece now (from the States) and I have problems constantly - it takes FOREVER for me to get a package! :hysteric:
  3. Ok, I just Trakced it again and it says:

    Your item, posted on 08/01/08 with reference XXXXXXXXXXX has been received in FRANCE and is progressing through the network for delivery.

    What the hell does this mean ??, Im sick of it saying this, its said this for a few days now. Its been 9 days since I posted this item , the post person said it would get there in about 3 days. :cursing:
  4. It is a bit odd, but if you've contacted the seller and she's OK about it and if you have no reason to think it may have gone missing, I'd try not to get too stressed about it, yet.

    Maybe give it another three, or four, days and then, if it still hasn't arrived (maybe by Monday?), go and talk to the P.O. about it. :yes:
  5. I never send cash in the mail because for some reason I fear they'll know is money and stole it in transit. Hopefully this is not the case. :hrmm:
  6. Thanks everyone for your adive, I think I will do that chloehandbags, sounds like a good idea. Im gunna e-mail the seller, I need someone who is french to help me out, I will ask on the forum. :smile:
  7. The only country I've ever had problems with was France. I sent a Marc Jacobs handbag to someone there and the tracking permanently said Arrived in France and then that was it. Never any further updates to the tracking, buyer never received. I had to make a claim on the insurance and it took 5 months. The UK Postal Service never received a single reply to any of the claims and requests for information from the French postal service.
  8. It has still not got there to the seller,Im really mad
  9. WOW that is awful!!! Can't you contact yur post office and get them to start investigating?
  10. oh, i hope you'll get your packages soon. in this case you might ask your seller to open a search/trace investigation. this happened to me quite a few times (and somehow with the important packages:cursing:). as soon as the seller opens the search with the post office, my package arrives within the next 2days.

    good luck!
  11. Hi, I think Im going to go to the post office I posted this from and ask them about it. I posted it from a Post office near college which I have never used before and this experience has put me off using it again. I really hope it arrives on monday, I will be going to the P.O. on Tuesday. :smile:
  12. Hi, that is a really good Idea, I never thought about that. I might e-mail the seller on monday night (if the package still hasnt arrived) and ask her to look, It gives me the location of the Post office the package is in when I track (I left that out when posting in the thread) so I might ask her to go there and have a look. Hopefully something could come of that. Its alot of messing around getting more money to post and posting it again if I had to.

    The post office from where I posted this from said it would be no longer than 4 days and this was the best way to post.

    I'll let you all know what happens, hopefully something good :fingers crossed: :smile:
  13. I have had VERY slow deliveries lately due to a significant back up from the holidays. It took me two weeks to get a small package from NY, I live 1 1/2 hours from NY!! This has happened to me about three times since the new year.. Even now I'm waiting for a bag that should have come last Wednesday!! The USPS just tells me they're backed up and there's nothing they can do.. So far all of my packages have eventually turned up. If I were you though I'd definitely call whatever service you used and let them know what's going on with it. Whatever you do don't tell anyone there is a ton of cash in it though : ) You never know!
  14. If I understand correctly you are NOT waiting for your package right? You are still waiting for the money to reach the seller? In this case the seller can't open any investigations.. I believe the SENDER (which is you) has to do the investigating. Unless it is different overseas. Here in the states the sender is the one in control of the shipping process.. filing insurance claims..etc.. Good luck!!
  15. Hi, yes you are right, Im waiting for cash to reach the seller then she can send my item out. IDK if its the same or not but I was going to give her the name of the location the package is at and the tracking number, do you think she could go down and ask for the package ??. Im also going to go to the PO is posted from and ask them what I should do. Ive sent packages like only some days ago to france and they got there within 3 days so I just cant understand this one, Im puzzled LOL :smile: