So Pissed my store sold my pomme heart!!!!

  1. I was first on the list for the Pomme heart and they sold it to someone else, they offered me the amarante heart or violet heart , I REALLY wanted the pomme, they didnt even know about the hearts when I first put myself down for them, and I would remind them weekly, should I accept another color? I feel like I dont even want a heart now because of this, I might as well get something else for 400.00 Im sad. :sad:
  2. OMG I'm SO sorry to hear about this!!!
    I know exactly how you feel, my store sold my gray PM Inclusion bangle that was supposed to be my Christmas present.
    I got the GM instead but still, it's not the same. :sad:
  3. That is so horrible sjunky, did they give you an explanation? I can totally understand you losing heart after that!
  4. OMG! :wtf:
  5. that just not right.....what their excuse?:confused1: if u dun liek the other color, dun take it...OR buy those remaining colors and take it home...if u dun liek them, return them.:tup:
  6. sorry to hear about this!!!
  7. that's horrible. for that type of service i wouldn't buy anything from that store (at least for a long time).

    i'm sorry this happened to you.
  8. This happened to me as well with the silver heart and silver cosmetic case!!!! I am so ticked right now I could scream.......or eat a box of chocolates!!!!!!! They have my gold on hold for me, but I think I better call and pay for it!
  9. OMG !

    Can you ask for the store to assist you in finding another pomme heart ? If they sold it under you, they should at least help you in finding another !!!
  10. they said they have no more, then checked the system and it said they had 2, then she checked and they were on hold for someone else tha just listed for them last week, so pissed, 1866 wouldnt help either. I have a store calling me back if they get another pomme as I was second on that list, we will see!
  11. Gosh that must be super frustrating.. I really hope you're able to find one !! I would only settle on something else if it's like the ONLY alternative, it's just so unfair that you'd have to !
  12. ARGH! Unbelievable! It's seriously starting to become necessary to prepay for items, otherwise someone is bound to mess up. I pre-paid for my silver heart months ago when I created the WL, my SA showed it to me on Jan. 11 and today the SA who helped me almost couldn't find it! Hopefully you will be able to locate some other pieces.
  13. Oh my, that's awful! If you don't mind me asking - what store was this?
  14. I would suggest the new Cles with Louis Vuitton on the top.:shrugs:
  15. I hope you had harsh words I admit I'm a bit of a softie so it's easier said than done but this just isn't good enough you where first on the list and you have confirmed you want it they should never have sold until you said no

    I'm so sorry another thought is you could always get one of the others to sell it on eBay and use the money from that to buy a pomme one from eBay just an idea