So pissed at the LV store...(long posts sorry)

  1. Tot I share this with you fellow tpers. Yesterday I accompanied my friend to the store to collect her WA neo cabby. Prior to that, she had already got confirmation from 1 of the SA that he had reserve the bag for her.So we arrived there and happily asked for the SA cum the bag which she reserved. By God, that SA then told us that he cannot sell the bag to her! As previously (the day before)my friend had already purchased 3 pieces of Miroirs (he explained further that she have basically hit her limits of buying from LV:wtf:) Both of us were like 'are you serious'. So I asked the SA, if my friend has hit her limits, then I will buy instead! Can't I buy?? I asked him. He just ignore me but went & dial the number to another LV store and reserve the neo cabby from there. I was soo pissed off, coz I don understand how come in the 1st place, he told my friend that he had already reserve for her and made us come all the way down and when we reached, he came out with another story!!!! I mean, this is purely pooooooor customer service, isn't it:tdown: So my friend then questioned him did he reserve the bag for her in the 1st place, and you know what was his reply?! He said that he was not incharge of reserving, as he has no authority to reserve bags!!!!

    In the end (to cut the story short),both of us left and went to another store to purchase her cabby. Lastly, when we left the 1st store, the SA did not even apologise for his behavior nor provide a valid reason for not keeping his promise of reservation for her. :cursing:
  2. Crazy!!!

    I wish I had that problem being told I hit my limit....
  3. I have never heard of such a thing....what store was this?

    Well, wait I take that back...I have heard of this in France.
  4. Totally insane!
  5. wait...

    you can have a LIMIT of buying from lv? that's weird
  6. I've heard of them doing that in Hawaii because the tourists from Japan buy too many things to re-sell in Japan. Not exactly sure what the limit is though.
  7. Hi DesignerDiva - precisely right. i have never heard of such a limit as to buying lv bags.. which means even if you have the cash, you cant buy once you hit your limits. Gosh.. Its really sickening, isn't it!!!
  8. ...LV HAS A LIMIT?
    What the heck?
  9. umm...sounds to me like they had reserved the bag to your friend and then someone that they thought was "more important" called wanting one and then he decided on his own that the "more important" person will get the bag instead, and get out of it by telling your friend she "hit her limit". bunch of BS if you ask me.
  10. This was at a local store in SG- Ngee Ann City.:tdown: Anyway me & my friend have decided to boycott this store from now on due to the poor customer service!
  11. Yeah:yes: that was what I tot of too! Jesus!
  12. Hmm, whenever a SA gives you grief.. ask for a manager... that usually straightens those rude SAs.
  13. OMG! :shocked: I never know there is a limit of how many piece of LV you can buy :confused1:!! That SA is so rude, I'm so sorry this happened to you cos usually the SAs I encounter are very nice and helpful! Maybe you should try talk to the store manager about the situation, i'm sure LV won't allow that sort of poor attitude :cursing: and crapy customer service :mad:!
  14. Sorry to hear that your friend went through that kind of crap :cursing:
  15. So sorry to hear this sort of thing happen to you! Thank god you managed to get a piece in the end.

    Is your friend a tourist?

    Which store is it, is it Ngee Ann City? Which store did you buy from eventually?

    Did you get that guy's name down? Feedback must be given to them, they cannot treat customers this way!