So pissed at Jessica Simpson boots!

  1. So I got these really cute JS scrunch boots last Feb or March and only had time to wear them once before the season was over. This year I took them out again and wore two times, the sole still looks new. So today I look, and the thread on the back of the heel is coming apart! Who is the maker of Jessica Simpson junk? I want to complain, seriously. I got them at Macy's btw. I am sure that the return period is over at this point. And, does anyone know if threads are expensive to repair?
  2. ^^^
    if you still have the receipt, macy's may allow you to exchange them (for different boots, obviously). department stores usually have pretty liberal return policies.

    frankly, i love js shoes. the fit and quality are beyond decent for the price. i have three pairs (black patent amy's, black patent la donna's and black pami ankle boots) and have had great luck with all three. the amy's i've had for nearly two entire years and they still look great.
  3. I don't think I still have the receipt, after all it's been a while. I guess, I was just unlucky since the quality is so "amazing" :sad: How do boots fall apart after 3 wears is beyond me.
  4. You might have a defect boot but that happens to the best of brands. Ive read about heels coming off of CLs and MBs so nothing suprises me anymore