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  1. Yup. I believe it also comes in evelyne tpm.

  2. I wo
    I wonder if it's all part of the So Pink collection coming in this year. I saw many shades of pink bags (mini bolide, pocitin ostrich ......) on display in my home store earlier this week. I asked my SA to look for a rodeo in all pink for me as I saw it online and wanted one, she later told me that she found out it is part of the So Pink collection and will be coming in later this year
  3. Yes, it is will come around Christmas time or Jan 2021.:happydance:
  4. Wow, it will be a long wait then .
  5. Yes :biggrin:. But you know for sure that one of the so Pink will be yours at the end of the year. That will pay off the waiting game:heart::heart::heart:( mine will be K25) and today just pick up my so pink pm rodeo.:biggrin:
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  6. That makes sense since I saw the incoming list for many bags for my store and they’re mostly pink, colors that I thought they’re no longer make.

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  7. Wow that’s great news for pink lovers like myself!!!:loveeyes: Thanks for sharing this news with us!!:heart: Could you also share with us what other pinks you’ve seen on that list apart from Confetti?:girlsigh:
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  8. It's not. My SM just did the buying, she told me the "So Pink" collection is in a colour called Rose Mexican, which is a very very bright pink, not a pastel pink like rose confetti.
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  9. May I ask if there is any 5P pink?
  10. Thanks for sharing dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I only inquired about small bags but I did see a lot of rose azalea, some rose extreme, and rose tyrien. She said there will be more pink in the fall collection.
  12. Do you know if there will be Rose Sakura? Thanks :smile:
  13. Good news! Thank you for the intel!!
    Some colors I just need to track out of my love for them, even if I can’t get them to come my way. :smile:
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  14. I’m screaming. Can you hear me?
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  15. Me too!!!
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