So, PCE question about the RED Alexandra

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  1. haha, if that red alexandra would have been available, all of us girls on TPF would've bought it before it made it to the store anyways, LOL
  2. ^^^^
    LOL so true!
  3. Well thanks for the answers! It looked like a stunning bag!
  4. I actually laid my paws on it when I was in Honolulu in December!! It was at the Coach store at the airport, AFTER you have gone thru customs....I didn't buy it cause I did enough damage on my trip...
  5. So you can only get it after you go through customs? I am flying to Hawaii in March from WA and would love to get it (if the price isn't marked up crazy and if they still have it)
  6. Yes, there are a few stores for you to browse after customs...if my memory is correct, I believe she was close to $500.
  7. ^^Oh, Wow!!! You had it in your hands!?! Was it as beautiful in person as it looked on-line?
  8. OMG... my parents are in Hawaii right now... if only my mom could bring me home a present... :graucho:
  9. I wouldn't be going through customs though so would I be able to shop over there? I NEED this bag!
  10. I'm headed to Thailand and Singapore in March. Hoping I might find a red Alex there?