So, PCE question about the RED Alexandra

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  1. Can I get this bag? If so, what is the item number/catalog info that I need? Anybody know?

    This is my first PCE in about two years (dunno why, thinking maybe I buy too many bags so they figure I don't need it) -- I want the hamptons hobo and the red Alexandra and the convertible mia in gunmetal. . . Waiting until tomorrow to do the deal. . gotta be sure that's all I want, yannow?

    And I would love a black hailey, but they are all sold out on

  2. /\/\ Check your Dillards...mine had a black hailey. As for the Red Alex, some are being told it's a Japan exclusive.
  3. Bah. I'd almost fly to Japan for it.
  4. You talking about the bag in my avatar? :graucho:
  5. Omg, STOP IT!!!! LMAO!
    My keys are getting stuck from drool!
  6. Yep. I"m talkin' bout yer bag. . .
  7. So is there any way to order Japan exclusives?
  8. I don't know, but I'll keep bugging my SA until I find out! LOL
  9. LMAO :roflmfao:
  10. I've called everyday... no luck, they are saying its a Japan Exclusive and not sure if the US will even carry the color...
  11. Just to let you know I have an Ali in mahogany and they came out with a really cool color on the Japan websight. I couldn't get it. But it showed up at the outlet here about 6 months later. so don't give up
  12. TBH, I'd rather order this bag FP because I'm about 2 hours away from my outlet... so I hope that doesn't happen! LOL
  13. I swear I saw it on this forum awhile back? But don't remember seeing anyone with it. But I could be wrong!
  14. This has been asked a lot every so often. It was a Japan or China exclusive and NEVER released to the US unfortunately. Coach says no plans on it either
  15. Maybe it will show up on the auction sites