So, Paula Abdul Got Her Weave Tightened Yesterday !

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. What do you think ?
  3. I think that's a cute little chi!!
    The hair is fine, but the top and belt have got to go!
  4. ITA :smile:
  5. it took me a while to notice that the tshirt is very short sleeved so she has the body-less jacket to cover up her arms. why not just wear a long sleeve shirt? and yes, hideous belt. hair's ok.
  6. Hair's fine, outfit blows.
  7. You mean glued tight Prada? :p
  8. OHH wow. i just thought the top was a tshirt layered over a black long sleeve tee. that would be ok. but the weird shrug! NO NO NO paula. the belt is super funky too.
  9. Horrible outfit :|