So Overdone?

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  1. So Balenciaga bags were IT in I see them everywhere...people on the subway, walking around, at the mall etc etc. I guess cuz there are so many fakes out there. Im thinking of getting a new bag, one that is light and roomy. Debating btwn the BBag (Part time or city) vs dior gaucho tote. I like how the bbag is lighter but really, is it too overdone now? Honest opinions please!
  2. Don't buy a bag based on what everyone else is the bag that you want because you love it!
  3. Hmmm....this may be the wrong place for you to be asking this particular question. I vote for Balenciaga all the way...and no, I don't think it's overdone. But I'm terribly biased. :p
  4. I've been buying/carrying Balenciaga since spring 2002, when it was still hardly known except for a few fashionistas. I got bummed when young Hollywood starlets(namely Olsen twins)were spotted carrying Balenciagas...because shortly after, everyone else followed. I got over it quickly because I love Balenciaga because of the vintage aesthetic, the leather, the colors, and the lightness of it, and I don't care who carries/doesn't carry it.

    Really, trend will pass and people will move on to something else anyway. Besides, what matters the most is YOUR opinion.
  5. Another Biased opinion here.

    Although I actually love the Gauch Tote also...however, if we are talking about over and done with I think the Gaucho collection takes the cake. I recall seeing it everywhere before and now, sight unseen.

  6. I agree!
  7. I liked the Gaucho a lot when it first came out, but now I think it's time has passed. Meanwhile, balenciaga has been holding up strong. I say go for the balenciaga.
  8. I love both! But while I've built my Balenciaga collection, I've yet to splurge on a Gaucho. It's personal preference, really... Go for the one you love the most so you won't regret it! :love:
  9. Balenciaga gets my vote!!
  10. As others have mentioned, this question would probably receive more unbiased opinions in the general handbag section. But to give you my own personal opinion, I don't think it's overdone at all! I think it's become such a necessary staple in one's wardrobe that everyone has one. Kinda like the mary jane pumps of the bag world...or the speedy of the LV world, kwim?

    That aside, I think it also depends on where you live. In Miami, for example, I rarely see bbags (mostly LV & Gucci).
  11. I don't buy bbags because they are the 'it' thing, I buy them because I love the style and love how lightweight they are.
  12. DITTO!!! Also, it doesn't matter to me that every other person might be carrying a Bbag, because the way I dress and carry myself are quite different from how other people do so.

    Base your purchasing decision on the style that suits you and your needs the most...
  13. Maybe I can be a little more unbiased, as I didn't become interested in balenciaga and dior until just recently. I've already ordered a magenta city, but just two weeks ago, I was contemplating ordering a Gaucho tote as well. And so I went to try it on, and it just didn't feel right for me. It's definitely an edgy bag but I think a BBag is more classic, yet still edgy and will stand the test of time a lot better than the gaucho. Just my two cents. :p

    But like the other Pfers have said, it is about what YOU like!
  14. I rarely see them where I live, but personally I just bought one in April because I love it, not because of it's status as an IT bag.
  15. I would go for variety- It stinks when you get sick of everything in your closet and think it all looks the same. I personally would go for something different. I think that's what fashion is about.