so...opinion time! limited edition vs. vice versa

  1. what does "limited edition" or "seasonal" really mean to you? i was looking at the groom collection and though i really think the cles is cute...i couldn't really justify buying an extra cles (accessories do add up! :sweatdrop:)

    do you buy limited edition/seasonal items just because they are limited? i've read through a lot of posts in which tPF'ers say "i don't really need one but oh what the hell it's limited" it really important that you have something that's hard to get and will eventually "run" out...? it just because u love it? or..reselling value?

  2. All of the above.
  3. for a split second i thought i gave a multiple choice question :lol:

  4. If I really like something, the fact that it is limited is icing, the resell is pretty sweet too.
    Who am I kidding?? I will never sell my stuff, I am too attached.

    I won't buy anything that I don't like just because it is limited though, I'm not that serious of a collector.
  5. I buy limited stuff if I like it for fear of missing out. If I change my mind later I can always sell it. But once it gone its gone and I'm screwed. LOL
  6. All of the above, but I bought one groom cles to use and one to keep forever!!!
  7. I don't buy a piece solely based on it being limited; I have to like the item as well.
  8. I have to like something in order to buy it regardless of whether it is limited or not. I buy my stuff to keep for myself and besides, I don't think the resale value is that good here in Aus.
  9. yup yup!! same here! Although if I'm iffy about an item, the fact that it's limted may rush me to decide whether or not I really want it, instead of mooning about it for a few weeks!! :shame:
  10. :yes:
  11. Limited edition means there was only a certain number of the piece made. Limited run or "seasonal" means the piece was only made for a certain amount of many ever end up being produced is reliant on the period of time in which it was produced.
    But anyway, no, I also have to like the item before I'll get it. I wouldn't ever buy anything I wasn't in love with, just because it was limited.
  12. im beginning to feel that this is a good thread..thanks for ur responses!
  13. Same with me, I have to love it to make me buy it. It's not a matter of it being limited or not. The disadvantage of loving a limited item is that I have to buy it right away before it gets sold out, so it means less or no time to save up!
  14. I buy them only because I love them so much :love:
    No matter it is limited edition or not :yes:
  15. I have to like an item to buy it and never would buy just because it's limited :yes:

    However, I feel better buying LE because I can always tell myself. After all, it's LE and you can resell it. I keep that dream alive for about a week until I realize that I couldn't let go of my new baby anyway. :shame: But it really helps to make up your mind in the store :lol: