So odd, but I want 'em...

  1. If you LOVE it then get it! Cute!
  2. Cute, I like them! Go for it
  3. I dont think they are odd at all, actually, I love them!
    They would look really cute with skinny jeans!
  4. Funky! If your style is quirky and offbeat go for it!
  5. Oh, wow- those are great- you definitely need them. I love funky boots, and those are too cute.
  6. Very modern looking...nice!
  7. I love cute booties!!!!
  8. They're definitely different. I'd be worried they'd collect water if you're out in the rain. The opening extends pretty far to the front.

    But maybe I'm just being too practical.
  9. I think I'll get them, then. Thanks ladies.

    ...I'll just be sure to stay out of the rain! :smile:
  10. I like them too! :yes:
  11. I'd have to see them on to really have an opinion, but they are def. unique!