So obsessed with this shoe!

  1. I just saw this shoe in Nylon magazine. I am so obsessed with it at this moment!

    Christian Louboutin, $570.
  2. oh yes, i love those! i've been looking for them but in a nude instead of pistachio.
  3. Ooooo Nude.... I'll take one of those too! :biggrin:
  4. sonya, do you know what it's called? they have it in the open toe platform heel, but i like the closed toe alot more.
  5. They look like the Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps.
  6. those are hot!!

  7. They look like the Pigalle pumps ... but also the Lova.
  8. sonya, they are HOT!!!
  9. those are cute!
    I'm loving these...[​IMG]
  10. i love both the styles....i just :heart: louboutin..
  11. winona, i've been loving the vamp on those! very sexy.
  12. They are fantastic, but how do you really walk in shoes that tall? I am fine with my 4 inch Prada shoes, but those look at least six inches tall.
  13. hot. but way too high for me.
  14. They're 5 inches. Actually it's very difficult for me to walk in 5 inch shoes, my knees buckle. I wear a size 6 so I'm literally on my toes. But they are gorgeous!
  15. ... and soooo worth it - trust me Sonya, you will LOVE all the attention you get. When I wear mine I get none stop comments/compliments!