So now we have to take out the garbage...

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  1. Can you believe it? At work there was a meeting to notify us that we have to seperate and dispose our garbage that is in our office for the environment. That means that we take our garbage out, pass the security door and seperate paper, plastic, bottles and garbage and dispose it to another new seperated public garbage containers.
    What happen to the janitor doing this? I am pro environment but I go to work to do my job and do seperate paper from garbage but to take it out to the front lobby is what my co-workers and I think to be a bit much. What is the janitor going to do if they don't even dust our office area and now not take out the garbage?
    Did your employer or the building owner make this type of change in your office?
  2. We seperate our trash but we have big bins all over the building - for paper, styorofoam, glass etc. I work in a pharmaceutical lab so we generate a lot of trash. But again, we are provided with bins everywhere.

    That sucks that you actually have to take it outside and dump it yourself.
  3. my husband's company is doing similar measures. not the "self dumping"

    maybe you could have seperate bins in the office, to eliminate the need to go through the trash at the bins?
  4. We have to seperate and "self dumping" out in the public lobby....there is nothing installed inside the private hallways.

    Today, I just left my garbage on my desk and dumped it out at the end of the day. I guess I'm just annoyed about the change at work.
  5. That's crazy. They should just have separate bins in your office. I've never heard of anything like that.
  6. That sounds really odd to me. Have you and your coworkers brought this up to your employer?
  7. is it your building that is mandating this, or your employer (or does your employer own the building) ?
  8. I work in a large complex of an international corporation, and we do partial 'self-dumping', and have doing this for years. We separate out our recyclable paper, and our soda cans, and they are bins around the building for us to dump both (separately). The rest of the trash is picked up by janitors each day. Our building is about 98% professionals as almost all the clerical/adminstrative staff has been laid off in recent years. Maybe I've become desensitized, but I don't mind this arrangement with the trash at all.
  9. I wish I had the luxury of complaining about having to clean my own area and dispose of trash on my own!