So now that I have an 02 first, I don't like my cities:(

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  1. And that's really disheartening cause I have a lilac 03 and a dark turquoise:sad: I thought I loved them and would never part with them, but suddenly I'm craving an 03 chocolate first, and a black with pewter first, and thinking of *gasp* selling my cities. :wtf: Am I crazy?
    lilac03front.jpg turq04bale.jpg
  2. And see, I look at those pics, and think "I am a freak!" There is no way I can part with those!.
  3. WOW! I know I couldn't part with them!
  4. I think you should definitely part with them.

    I'll PM you my address :p Just send em' my way ;)
  5. as someone who's debating between a first and a city (but definitely leaning towards the first) can i ask why you prefer the firsts over the cities? i was just wondering! i have only compared the pictures, not the actual bags side by side since i live so far from any store that would carry them, so i'd love to hear from you what you think!
  6. Put me on the list of wants:wlae: I`m need one..
  7. They are treasures. Do you think that you would regret selling? If there is hesitation, then don't do it. Think about it a little longer.

    BTW- aren't you also in the fashion desert of Eastern WA? I wish I would run into you sometime just so that I saw someone else carrying Balenciaga IRL!
  8. Are u sure abt these? U serious abt letting them go jus becoz u have a new love (that is ur 02 first).....don't be so cruel...u will sure like these babes's jus a spark of hesitation right? Btw, these bags are gorgeous...:smile:
  9. :yes: :yes: :yes: , Only if you sell them!
  10. yes.

  11. Hang on to those cities (unless you're going to send them my way, hee hee).
    I know how you feel, when I am into a new bag, I also think "This is the only style of bag I want." But eventually I go back and forth between using different styles. So wait a bit before making a decision.
    BTW, I am in :heart: with your dark turquoise!!:drool:
  12. I agree. Hold them a little while longer and if you still feel the same way then sell them.
  13. hi C dear!
    The same thing happens to me all the time... If I use a city for some time then I think of selling all the non city bbags... Then I use a purse and want to keep only the cities and purses... Then I use a first and think it's so cute, I don't need bigger bags! So it's kind of a vicious cycle and before you know it you have 15 bbags.
    A possible solution would be to keep one of each style, but in your case you have to keep the lilac and the turquiose. I mean, wasn't it only some time ago that you ended an eBay listing for the turquoise because you couldn't bear to part with it? Don't make a mistake!!!!
  14. btw, the lilac city is insanely beautiful... sigh...
  15. good point on bag rotations...:yes: