So now that I am thinking white suhali le fab...

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  1. Does anyone have any experience in cleaning light surface soil from the lining of white suhali bags? Seems that the outside leather is pretty durable from reports. I am thinking about getting a very gently used one and anticiipate that the lining might show a little surface soil since the lining is so ....white!!
  2. I don't have any experience with the cleaning but I'm pretty certain that you can take it to the boutique and have them clean it professionally.
  3. I would take it to louis vuitton to get it cleaned.
  4. I didn't know LV would clean any items. Is that something they send into the shop? Has anyone done it?
  5. oooh get it!!!! i love it in white.
  6. Yeah I think it'd be best to go to LV to see what they can do. Please keep us updated. ;)

    OT: I like your avatar! It's so cute!
  7. I have a couple marks on my Le Fab since I bought it used on eBay too.I am running to LV on Friday, I'll stop in the boutique and ask what they think and let you gals know.
  8. Just FYI, but a new Suhali colour just came up on! It is called Verone, and it's a gray-beige (people have said it's much like Etoupe from Hermes), and thought you may want to know before you take the plunge! It comes in Le Fab!

    Congrats on whichever colour you end up getting, since they're all gorgeous!
  9. I have 2 white suhali bags and have never had any issues with caring for the
    interior and you can always take it to LV and see if they can clean it;) I love that new suhali colour:heart:
  10. Awesome Shmoo, please keep me posted. I have my beady little eyes on one!!:graucho:
  11. thanks John! those are my two babies...they don't look anything alike because my little one is adopted and from China:heart: