So NOW I understand the appeal of the Signature Stripe Tote!

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  1. I bought the black/gunmetal sig. stripe tote during the November PCE, and the brown/bronze sig. stripe tote during the December PCE. They have both been sitting in their dustbags, tags on, because I just wasn't 100% convinced. But I couldn't stand it anymore and took the tags off the black one, attached my skull keyfob, and took her out shopping today. I had everything in there that I usually carry in my Ergo tote, and it was soooo comfortable to carry!! Didn't slip off my arm at all, and even though I was concerned about the thin straps digging in, they were completely comfortable. I am IN LOVE with this bag! I may have to take the tags off the brown/bronze one now too LOL!

    Anybody else love this bag with a passion?

    I am thinking about trying to get the travel tote in the gold combo next PCE.....we travel a lot, and it seems like that'd be a good choice.
  2. :nuts: I'm going to purchase the small signature stripe in black/gunmetal soon....glad to hear u love it! What size is urs?
  3. I think this is a great great bag (obviously don't have one though - it's on my wishlist). I just can't fall in love with the current color combos :sad:

    I saw someone with it on Sunday though and it looked so cute with a scarf tied on it!
  4. love this's the perfect everyday tote IMO!!!
  5. I have the black/white reversible sig stripe tote and I absolutely lived with it last summer. It is such a practical, comfortable bag yet it looks sooo good.
  6. I've been wanting one of the black/gunmetal totes for a while! I love the matching wallet, too! I always pass up this bag for something else during PCE but am so tempted to just get one! I bet it looks so cute with the skull fob (mine is on my black Mandy!).
    Take the tags off the brown one, too!!
  7. yay! :yahoo: That is so great the you used it and loved it!!! Post modeling pics.. pretty please?!? :drool: :flowers:
  8. I love mine too!!! I have the Khaki Parchment one! It is so comfortable and the perfect size!
    signature stripe.JPG
  9. I have been thinking about this one too...
    what size do you have???
  10. I have wanted the denim sig stripe tote since last summer! I think it would be a great everyday bag.
    Glad you're lovin' yours!
  11. I love those totes!! My only concern is stuff falling out of them unless you are really careful. I'd love one in the bronze.
  12. :heart:I love them so much I have and khaki/crimson. They're great bags!:yes:
  13. I wish I could love my large crimson tote. I received it for Christmas. I really don't like anything that doesn't zip up. I am thinking about taking it back for Coach credit. I love the color but I have the beet/khaki carly that seems similar but better to me. I am worried about regretting giving it up because I know I can't get it back.
  14. I have the large black/gunmetal and I LOOOOVE it so much! I shared the same concern about the thin straps but mann it proved me wrong!
  15. Those bags are the best. I'm on here praising them as often as I can!