So, now I have too much WHITE!!!!!!!

  1. .......scarves, that is. :p

    Can a girl have too much white when she wears all black??????
    _MG_3751Bells1.jpg _MG_3753Belles2.jpg _MG_3755Belles3.jpg
  2. ....cause I also have "Le Toits de Paris".......white. "Les danse du Cosmos"........white. "Greyhounds".............white. "Apres de Deluge" is coming in..........white. And "Persepolis" is mostly.........white!!!!!!

    I know I seem to have a scarf jones but I really don't like to have too many in the same color-way........
  3. oh my good lord shop that is stunning. i almost teared up it's so beautiful (well, i am also a bit of an emotional mess today but really it's gorgeous).

    no such thing as too much white!
  4. oh and you can give me one if you think you have too many ;)
  5. Depending on what kind of white. The one you have for example is very different from let's say a white/black "champ du courses", or a white/grey "ballet equestrie".

    Lately I find that I have too much white/sepia, but it's such an easy color for my wardrobe...
  6. The white Belles is really pretty! Ooh, with the sepia colours, just gorge! Congrats, D! I was pondering your qn myself last week as I seem to be drawn to a few white colourways but decided, no, you can never have too much!
  7. D, pretty funny....I was just wondering the same thing...esp. b/c I'm hyper-paranoid about my white scarves--Danse du Cosmos and the Red Berries. I'm avoiding the white Tokyo scarf for precisely the reason you mentioned, although now after seeing the BDM in white in the ad campaign and then seeing yours...I'm re-considering---just gorgeous!
  8. Out of these only "danse du cosmos" is really close in tone I think.
  9. Gorgeous scarf! I think white w/sepia and grey works really well with black. It adds a nice pop of "color"!
  10. Talking about white/sepia, you should see "Au Coeur de la Vie" in white, it's gorgeous with a capital G. I had a really hard time deciding btw that and the "danse du cosmos"
  11. Tods You're right......maybe that's the only one that going to compete with the "Belles....."

    I seem to be drawn to the white/sepia too!!!!

    It was so funny.......I was drawn to this like a magnat today. It was like my body made a bee-line to the scarf counter and my finger went right to it and pointed. I don't think I even had it around my neck for a moment before I whipped out the ATM card connected to the almost depleted bank account and slapped it on the counter! It was done in something like two minutes!!!!!!
  12. Oh, those are gorgeous!

  13. Which one did you get, TODS? What does the "Coeur de la Vie" look like? I don't know if I've seen that one yet........
  14. ^^D, Coeur de la vie is "in the heart of life" or something like that. I think you have the black colourway with the lime greeny centre. Tods, do you have the white?? I would love to see a pic!
  15. Shopmom, that is one gorgeous scarf!!! :love: :love: :love: :love:

    I love it and I would like to have one like that. Where can I get this? Please post pics when the rest of the scarf arrive. I can't comment right now whether you have too much white scarf or not because don't know what the rest of our scarf look like; the design and also the color way..
    Sorry I am novice in H scarf.:shame: