So now I have this beautiful bag....

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  1. where and how do I use it? Would it be worth it to by an epi mandarine small wallet to go with it? I have a feeling I will not be using this a lot, but I just had to have it. :love:

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  2. Perfect for summer erands ?
  3. or summer night-outs...
  4. I think it's adorable and perfect for this upcoming season! Not sure if I would buy a small wallet to go w/ it though since it's already small to begin with. I think you should keep it and use it just as the previous posters suggested!
  5. I love your bag. Looks beautiful.
  6. I have the Epi in Black and I bought a Ludlow wallet to match...but I hardly use it...but I still love the bag. It's more of a evening bag, special occasion.
  7. I agree with summer errands :biggrin: It looks too small for everyday!
  8. That's pretty!!!
  9. Lovely colour! I have the lilac one and I don't use it much as I carry lots of stuff, lol! But it's a nice little bag for shopping all day with as it's so light you hardly notice it there. Or if you don't mind the insides getting a little dirty maybe, then u can use it as a cosmetic pouch. It's long enough for a rouge brush;)
  10. This is my favorite color in all of LV... I think it's just luminous. It will look great with a summer tan!
  11. Yu,..a perfect addition for a night out ina classy black dress:smile:
  12. Yum..a perfect addition for a night out in a classy black dress:smile:
  13. I love this color :love: This bag will be great on a night out. If you're really not going to use it that often then maybe you shouldn't get a matching wallet. Even if you do decide to get it, the wallet will look fab with a different bag, especially a black bag. Congrats!
  14. Gorgeous! I want one of these :love:
  15. Yes! :nuts: Find an reason to use it :lol:

    It's gorgeous, Becca! Mandarin is definitely my favorite Epi color.