So not me but in person I loved it!...Reveal!

  1. IMG_1500243300.794001.jpg
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  2. Any guesses?
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  3. Can't wait!
  4. Excited!
  5. Here!
  6. When I saw this on line I really disliked it. I never would have thought to purchase it. But it just goes to show you really need to see items in person. What I thought I wanted did not look good on me.
  7. So...
  8. here and have no idea what....
  9. Kimono pm in noir. Here it is with strap it came with and I also tried it with shorter strap from my speedy b.
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  11. A little edgy but I love it. Shocked that I purchased this. Thanks for letting me share with all you lv lovers!
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  12. Thanks! I know it's not for everyone.
  13. What a gorgeous bag! Love the Kimono look. Congrats and enjoy!
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  14. I love the kimono series. Stunning!
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  15. Very nice purse.
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