so not happy with

  1. I bought a juicy bag yesterday because it is on sale. Within several hours the priced dropped $25. So I used live chat to ask for a price adjustment, but they won't honor. I am so not happy with the purchase experience and feel i was fooled by them. I will return it as soon as I get it(it has shipped) although I will lose $9 shipping. :cursing:
  2. I had something in my shopping cart from the 2nd take, went back when they started the 3rd take and the price was raised like $80! Not cool Saks...
  3. I'm sorry that happened to you. I hate when I get stuff only to see it on sale later. I ordered some Juicy earrings from Bloomies this weekend. Something told me to wait for a sale, but I thougth I'd waited long enough. Ya see, I'm tryin' to curb my impulse shopping. So, when I see something I want, I wait a few days and if I still want it, I'll get it. So, I order my earrings. Two days later, I get an e-mail from Bloomies with a 20% off discount code.:cursing:

    But again, I'm sorry about your Saks experience. I've heard too many horror stories about Saks online and I've had my own miserable experience with 'em, in store. I'm sure you'll find your bag at another store, online or otherwise. And I hope that when you do find it, it's a better price than what Suks (NOT a typo!) has it for.:yes:

  4. LOL~~love that one:roflmfao: I feel Neiman "Marsucks" also fit:yahoo:

  5. Thank you so much girl, I feel much better now:smile: Actually that was my implusive buying too. I don't regret that much if I return!
  6. Agree, lol!
  7. Refuse to accept the package and you won't lose the $9.
  8. I don't see why they would not honor a price adjustment. I ordered a Vince top for 80 and a week later it went down to 40$. I sent them an e-mail and a few days later my card was credited back with 40$! If they wouldn't honor it via Livechat, either e-mail them or call a rep. Not every rep is the same. HTH!
  9. factor
    Think about this: you were lucky to get the bag you wanted for the price you were happy about.
    Day before sale I was eyeing the UGG boots but postponed the purchase. Next day price dropped by my size went out of stock. I so much wish I bought them earlier for more $$!
  10. I got a pair of Theory boots for $380 and a week later the price was dropped to $280. I chat with a rep online and the rep credited me back to my saks account. I definitely think you should try to talk to a rep again.
  11. there is no reason why they should not credit you the money. You should call the 800 number.
  12. I refer to as, I bought a 2oz jar of Creme de la Mer and they charged me for it, but shipped me a 1oz jar. I called and argued like mad before they finally agreed it was a mistake and sent me a additional 1 oz jar. From now on I would only shop in the store and not on line, and even in the store they give you attitude. Give me Nordstroms any day for great customer service.
  13. Live Chat and phone CSR keep saying the item need to be still available (in stock) for the same color and size in order to get the Price Adjustment.
    Do you guys have any CSR you can refer to that will honor the Price Adjustment without the in stock factor?
  14. Now you all have me worried. I just purchased a pair of Frye boots on saks online that I was unsure of and planned on returning them in stores if it did not fit.
  15. kat, bloomie's will certainly give you a price adjustment - they've done it for me many times in the past.