So NM messed up my 2x2 order...but does the bag I ordered even exist?

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  1. Hi Ladies!
    Please help me solve this mystery. After many calls to NM during their recent sale, I ended up ordering a black RH first (love it, wanted one for a long time) and a GH "clutch" measuring (according to the SA) 6x8x2 inches....she tells me that it's $385 (I think, no more than $400) and that she's out of them at this store, but she will send it from another. She says it's practically the same size as the document holder, but without all the tabs inside.

    Well, the first comes from the one store, and the "mystery" bag comes from another...something was lost in translation, and I ended up with a SGH coin purse (I wanted this "GH mystery clutch" in gold hardware)

    So, GH experts, does this bag even exist? I want to make an exchange next time I go up to my NM, but I am not sure what to ask for. She said it was "the perfect size for going out, and a great price point."

    I don't know if my exchange will be a problem because of the 2x2 event, either.

    Any help is so much appreciated!:flowers:
  2. 385 is the price for a GH coin purse. as for GH clutch there is the giant handle, the giant traveler and the giant envelop clutch which all cost upwards of usd 600 (i cant remember the price for each).
  3. The GH Clutch with the little wrist strap is $795 I just ordered one from NM myself. The only other clutches they carry in Balenciaga are the Envelope clutch for $900 someting the mini matalesse clutch and the document holder clutch for a lot more then $350
  4. ^^^yeah, I'm thinking now that the SA didn't have her info straight. *sigh*
    Has anyone done an exchange on their 2x2 purchase? Will the still give me the credit?
  5. Maybe you could exchange it for the clutch you were wanting and put the 385 towards that and they would still honor it?
  6. i tried to exchange a First that i got from the promotion for a Work and I said I'll pay for the difference in price, but they said i can only exchange for the exact same style in different color, so i ended up returning it :tdown:
  7. I'm going to ring them up and find out if they will exchange it. Too bad my mystery bag isn't out there....
  8. I called a fabulous SA at Neiman in Dallas at Northpark. Matthew is awesome! I had called several stores to find what I wanted, but the store that had the bbag that I wanted said they wouldn't let a wallet be the second bag. But Matt sent me a MJ wallet and had another store send me the bag. But the other store sent the bag with GH instead of RH, so I called Matt back and he took care of it immediately and made sure that I got the $200 off the correct bag. He also issued a call tag to FEDEX. All SA's should be this great. :yes:
    I wonder if your SA was describing the Makeup or Makeup Clutch? The Makeup price listed is 455, and maybe the Clutch is 585, minus the 200 would be 385. I can' remember the price of the Clutch, but that sounds like what she was describing.
  9. ^^^ What clutch is that? Is it GH?
    They will let me do an exchange, so that is good news. :smile: Now, what to get....
  10. i'm a little p.o.'d at neiman marcus, cause they sent me a scratched up, messed up leather Miu Miu (the one on display was totally scratched up, i guess the leather is very easy to scratch!!!) on the 2 + 2, then refused to honor the $200 when I exchanged it for a Bbag City. And she had neglected to GIVE me the $200 off on the Miu MIu when she had it sent from another store! So all I got was $200 off my Bal Bouton wallet. I think I'm going to stick w. Nordstrom or call out of state NMs from now on. grrrrr... had to vent, sorry!!!
  11. Oh, I guess the Makeup/Makeup Clutch don't have giant hardware as far as I know. But good luck anyway! Hope you get what you want!