So nice you bought it twice...who's guilty?

  1. I just recently bought a red groom pochette wallet for the second time and it got me to I the only one who does this? What a goofball:supacool:

    I bought it when it first came out then returned it. I still loved it but didnt feel like spending $600 on a wallet at the time

    I've done this for other stuff too

    Vernis Pochette Wallet---bought it, sold it, bought it again

    MultiC Speedy White--bought it, wore it to death so I sold it and obught a new one

    Monogram Sophie--bought it, sold it b-cuz I never used it, bought it again b-cuz I felt dumb for selling

    Monogram Stephen--bought it, returned it, then bought it again less than a month later

    Who else?? What and why??
  2. Not me! Once it's mine, it's mine!
  3.'re funny, and lucky that you were able to get some LE pieces again (i.e. sophie, and mono stephen). I've never done this myself, but I will never say never..never know. LOL...
  4. I haven't done that yet. But, this is the main reason why I am so hesitant in selling any of my older bags. I am so afraid of having seller's remorse.
  5. me too!!

    Mono Pochette Accessories- bought it, sold it and bought it again, lost...then i bought it again (very useful)

    Mono key and change holder- bought it, lost it, bought it again (very useful)

    Mono Batignolles Horizontal- bought it, sold it, and i am gonna buy it again soon


  6. LOL. You like to loose things huh? LOL
  7. yeah thats like me hehehe
  8. Not me. I just keep it the first time. I may never use it but I still keep it.
  9. Me (raises hand) :yes:

    Damier Speedy 30 - BOUGHT it, Returned it a few days later, BOUGHT it less than 3 wks. later..:rolleyes:
  10. :p:p:p

    i don't know why i always lost small things...:crybaby:

    but thanks God i never lose any "big" bags!!!

  11. Haven't been buying bags long enough to wear any of my bags down yet. But ... that seems like the smart thing to do! Rather then having the handles replaced.
  12. Oh, I am guilty of doing this many times. Too many times to even admit...:wacko:

  13. Tell us tell us. it makes me feel less crazy. LOL

    So what was it? :graucho:
  14. When there are times I miss and regret the bags I've sold, I remind myself there was a reason why I sold them in the first place. The only bag that I can see myself buying again is the marly bandouliere...I only sold that one because the strap was broken and it was deemed irrepairable.
  15. I'm a keeper :p