so new its not even funny

  1. i was out to dinner to night and saw a balenciaga bag in person for the first time and it was beaautiful :drool: . i would love to get one, but i need to figure out which colour and which style i want. is there anywhere i can see them all? i currently live in ohio, and i don't know of any retailers that sell them around here. are there any online stores that sell genuine bags? whew, that was long! haha TIA!! :smile:
  2. Why don't you check out This site shows you pics of the styles and the measurments. Good Luck!
  3. Check the Achtung, Balenciaga section for a list of retailers. If you live near a Neiman Marcus, that would be your best bet. To see styles online, styledrops and Raffaello Network both have a selection you can browse. I'm not an expert, but I believe they sell their bags at above retail, so I'd ask questions here before you buy.

    Good luck!
  4. thanks soo much everyone! :smile:
  5. Just curious...what color did you see? Blue, black, red, etc?
  6. well come on in and enjoy the ride! oh, and you will be broke from hereon in with all the gorgeous bags you'll be wanting and buying!

    Just remember to share pix when you get your first one!
  7. thanks again for all your help, you guys are great! :smile: and the purse i saw was a beautiful green color. its was loveeely!:heart:
  8. good luck on ur search! it's a very dangerous addiction! :p
  9. Oh Donna, I like your boobies. ;) I don't think I've ever seen so many in one place!