So nervous - just ordered tangerine Day preloved!

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  1. I just ordered this sight unseen. I have 2 city bags, but have never even tried on a Day. I first saw it in a pic of Nicky Hilton and thought it looked great on her, even though I am really not into hobo bags. I need a roomy bag for work and had been considering a Louis Vuitton Delightful MM because it holds so much, yet doesn't look big and can stand up without falling over. I got the Bal Day for only $595 - regular hardware which I wanted as my others are Rose gold - so it was a pretty good deal. I can only hope the color suits me, as it is tangerine! And that the wear is not too bad. It is from 2013 but the description says the handle is cracked. Pics will follow when I get it! Hope I made a good decision.

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  2. Congrats! I am always nervous when waiting for a pre-loved bag to arrive, 99% of the time I have been pleasantly surprised. I hope you are too!

    I just got my first Day style today and love it. It's very comfortable over the arm and kind of molds to the body. It's not gigantic, but it is large compared to a City, the shape is very different. I thought it would be a great bag for when I need to bring a scarf and jacket etc. with me and want to have a place to stash them when I'm not wearing them (I usually carry one of my smaller B bags and bring a cloth sack for my jacket, to hang on the stroller, or carry it). I saw pictures on here of the Day on other ladies and it looked a lot larger in pics than it does IRL, I am 5' 9" so maybe that's why, in any case it's a flattering bag on everyone I have seen it on.

    You got a really good price too!
  3. I am 5'3" and thin so I hope it looks ok, but I am not afraid of big bags. I did not pay shipping or tax on this already good price, so I decided it was worth snapping up. I still want the Louis Delightful though too, lol.
  4. The Day is a great bag. I have it in Rose Thulian. It's so lightweight and molds to the body to where you don't even feel like you're carrying anything. It holds a ton. I love the tangerine color! Congrats!

  5. I think it will look great on you, like I said, I have never seen a pic of it where it overwhelmed the wearer even though it is a large-sized bag. :smile:
    That is an amazing deal...
  6. Gorgeous color! A coworker of mine has the same bag... it is stunning.
  7. Wow - the price you got it for is great! I own a Day in Bleu Tropical, and I love mine. I'm even shorter than you - 4'11 - and I don't think it is overwhelming. It's so lightweight!

    Congrats, and enjoy your new bag!
  8. I love the Day - very easy to wear and holds a lot. You got a great price!
  9. Trust me, you'll LOVE the day!
    It fits everything you could possibly need but it's slouchy enough and forms to your body so it doesn't look huge on (I'm 5'3 too and also not afraid of large bags :P).

    I gave up on the city after my first one - the strap just never stayed on my shoulder comfortably enough. The day is my go-to bag. It's so comfortable to carry.
    I think I'm up to 8 now and I love them all (I have a tangerine one too - with mgsh, it's a fun color)

    Congrats on your find - it sounds like a great deal. If you're getting it from Yoogi's, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. They're pretty clear with details on condition so you won't have any surprises when you get your bag.
  10. It's really not that big in person despite the dimensions stated. It hangs very nicely and is a wonderful bag. Congrats!:smile:
  11. Day is my favorite style!!! That color looks amazing! I hope you love it. Day is a great, comfortable style that holds tons, does not get heavy, and looks great! Looking forward to your pictures.
  12. Beautiful color. The day is really a fantastic bag and you can fit a lot of stuff in it. One problem I see is the possibly of a cracked handle as a major defect, it will bend in two pieces versus one curved piece. To me it might be very uncomfortable to carry or lay on your shoulder. Replacing the handle can be expensive. Did the seller go in to detail about the extent of the crack in the handle? I mean it is just the leather or the hard handle bent to come apart or almost apart because the picture seems thike the middle of the bag has the crack bend in it.
  13. Congrats! I just received my first day this week in Mangue and I also have a delightful (the PM). both styles are very lightweight. I like that the bal can be zipped closed but both are great bags. By the way, I'm petite and these bags do not overwhelm my frame.
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    Keywi100, do you find that the LV Delightful and the Bal Day are similar enough to be repetitive? What I mean is, I am trying to justify a need for BOTH bags, lol. But I feel their usability factors may be identical, therefore, I can't justify that I need the LV. The Balenciaga Day was far cheaper for me, as I bought it secondhand. However, the LV is a much more durable bag that I can toss in a locker or take camping and not worry about. It also seems to open up wider and stands up on its base without slouching or falling over. So….should I go for it and get the Delightful too? I already own so many bags - probably 100 - but each seems to have a different occasion for use.
  15. Omg- 100 is a lot of bags. I'd say get both. My delightful is an everyday bag because the canvas is neutral and I'm not afraid to wear it in the rain. My day is yellow, mangue to be exact, so I'll only wear it on sunny days in the summer or spring.