So my Yasmin's are gorgeous, but...

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  1. I have been diagnosed with bipolar mania. Apparently I was manic for the last month. I have spent my DF's and my entire wedding budget. So now we dont have the money to have a wedding.

    I am in love with my Loubs. I dont want to sell them, but I have to. Are Yasmines very sought after? I am so sad to have to say goodbye. Im thanking myself for buying the VP black/red tips and IMMEDIATELY wearing them, so now I cant take them back. Whew. I would have been heartbroken to lose them. I also have my Yoyo 110s in beige patent on their way to my house, but I am going to wear those at the wedding, so I am not taking those back.

    I had ordered a $2000 dress, but I am going to have to cancel that and lose my $700 that I put down on it. I have instead bought a knee-length white silk faille dress from J.Crew. Do you think that will look alright with my 110s? Is it appropriate for a wedding, if done outside and very informally?

    Have any of you ever done a wedding on the cheap? And by cheap I mean CHEAP. I have never done anything cheaply, so I am wondering if there are little tips and tricks to doing it under a very tight budget.

    Sorry to get too personal, I have been home from work for two weeks while they adjust my meds for my newly diagnosed bipolar mania and my autonomic neuropathy (the cause for my hospital visit). I need some advice on CLs to wear with my dress (to keep it on topic) and just some words of wisdom from wiser tPFers than I.

  2. Wow, it sounds like you have been through a lot in the last month. I am sure your j crew dress will look incredible, especially since it is knee length, everyone will get a better look at your yoyos if you decide to wear them together. I hope everything gets better once your doctors have figured out what to do next.
  3. Thank you compulsive, I have been run through the gauntlet this month. Actually its really dating back since January.

    I just hope I can do this, I will feel so low if we have to get married at the JP becuase I blew all of our money on furniture, Gucci bags, Chanel pearls, and Loubies.

    Although I will look damn good while I wallow in misery!!

  4. :hugs: have faith it will all work out! it's hard to deal with the phases of being bipolar. can you post a pciture of your new dress? i don't have any advice for weddings...can you do it at your house and just hire an officiate? have a potluck reception?
  5. I am so sorry for all of the issues, but the important thing is that they have figured out what is going on, and there is medication for you. I wish all of the best for you and your DF.

    I think the J Crew dress can look beautiful & quite appropriate for a small informal wedding. Re: the wedding itself, I got married 3 1/2 years ago. I was a single mom and my DH and I paid for our wedding ourselves (no help from family). It was a church wedding and we had a reception with a buffet and a dj for about $3000 (including reception site rental, church musician & soloist, photographs, my dress, tux's, flowers, food, cake, invitations, favors, dj etc). PM me and I can give you more details.
  6. The sucky thing is that they havent gotten my meds right yet, so while I am aware of the fact that I need to STOP shopping, I am still doing it! I need an intervention! Jk, but really!

    Houston is notoriously expensive. I have got to find somewhere! We want to do it May 31, because I have to quit my job (the source of untold stress) and I need on his Army insurance. We were going to wait until after I got all well, but there is the issue of the fact that he could get deployed at a moment's notice, becuase he is in intelligence. So many factors!
  7. Ok here is a Polyvore link to my entire wedding outfit. I used the CL beige patent VPs because they didnt have the yoyos. What do you think? I am thinking the necklace is ugly. There is a 15" strand at Tiffanys that my DF likes.
  8. i think the whole set is beautiful (including the necklace)!
  9. Really? Thank you. Our budget isnt THAT tight, so hopefully he will let me keep a pair of the shoes I just accidently bought. Oops.
  10. Yay DF's family has decided to help us out! I dont have to part with my Loubs! (Well, except the ones already listed on Ebay)

    Edited to post in its own thread.
  11. So it works out beautifully that my mother is a wedding cake maker and caterer, and she and my sister are both wanna-be wedding planners. His parents are helping us financially, so it should be okay. We are thinking of just having it in the party room at one of the swanky highrise apartments here in River Oaks, cause it is super nice. Mom can do catering and the cake, and there will be minimal cost! Oh yay I feel so relieved!
  12. Oh no, I hope you'll be okay and fine soon :smile: God's with you and so am I! I hope your wedding will turn out perfect, now that everything is mostly settled! As long as you love him and he loves you, that's all you need :yes: Oh yes, CONGRATS!!!
  13. in the mean time, have your DF take away your credit cards so you don't spend anymore!
  14. Haha I dont have credit cards, for just that reason! Good thing the debit card isnt linked to his savings account, then we would be in real trouble. :smile:
  15. MKWMDA what a lovely wedding outfit!! You will be one beautiful bride!!
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