So my SA said she is holding an Emerald Day for me....

  1. BUT from previous experience, I know she isn't very knowledge about Bbag colors, so I think she's mistaken....but what color do you think she has - Vert gazon? Vert foret? My first guess is vert gazon.

    When I see the Day she is holding, are there certain numbers on the tag that will tell which color it is? I tried looking in the reference section but didn't see this answer. :confused1:
  2. Which store? Balenciaga NY will usually know the colors, sometimes SAs show they're human and make a mistake, but they at least know the real names of the styles and colors.

    It could be S/S '06 Emerald as that season had remaining stock in a lot of places. The bags break in wonderfully even though they seem different at first.

    It could be S/S '07 Vert Gazon or F/W '07 Pine...can they tell you the letter on the metal tag?
  3. No metal tags on the Day bags, so that makes it a little tougher to identify without pics.
    On the paper tag it should have the year followed by the number 1 for S/S or number 3 for F/W, so you can ask the SA about these numbers and can work out the colour from there
  4. I want an Emerald Day, so great with black..:heart:
  5. It may be pine....not as "bright" as emerald, but a pretty deep green.
  6. I went to see it. There was no paper tag so I couldn't go by that. :sad:

    I compared the "Emerald" Day to the Vert Foret Work they had and they did seem different. Vert Foret was darker. I took a picture with my camera phone. What do you think? :confused1:

    I already ordered a Vert Foret from AR (due to arrive Fri :yahoo:) and think I prefer that darker green anyway, but am tempted by the emerald since its rarer...right? :confused1:The leather seemed a bit dry though.:sad:
    green day.jpg
  7. Yup, thats Emerald alright...

    Dry for certain. Maybe a little tough love will do it right?

    I dunno, I've noticed that many Emerald Days are quite marbly/veiny. And not in the good way either.
  8. ^ This bag will break-in nicely if you moisturize the leather and use it, to become squishy and yummy...the worst of the S/S '06 leather just needs time and TLC!
  9. Congratulations!