So my SA order the wrong necklace but.... lookie

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  1. I had ordered the Fleur de Strass necklace. And I pointed to the one I wanted in the look book. I was settling for the necklace because I loved the charms & sparkle and I thought that the belt was too much $$.

    So she called me to come in and pick it up. And this is what she showed me instead. I said it was the wrong necklace, but I think it's great. I love the HUGE camellia, it's even crystaled on the back. I think I can wear it as a belt as well. I wore it yesterday looped around my neck twice and the flower stayed mostly right side up. I think it will be great for the holidays & I intend to wear it at work too so I can get my $ worth.

    I hadn't seen this in any of the look books so I have no idea which collection it's from.
    cam_full.jpg cam_close.jpg
  2. oh that is gorgeous, automatic keeper!

    is it the same price as what you paid for?
  3. [​IMG]

    OOhhhh i love it! keeper!!
  4. queenmab - that necklace is drool worthy!! :drool: what's the length of this necklace and if you don't mind me asking, what's the cost and codes of this necklace? me want!!!! :graucho:
  5. A definite keeper - and can be worn as a belt as well - great score.
  6. Absolutely stunning!!
  7. OMG!! Totally loving it! I can imagine how great it would look with jeans and a classic Chanel tweed jacket!
  8. It's beautiful! What does the necklace you wanted look like? How about some modeling pics?
  9. The cost was $1,700, which I consider great when you can wear it as belt too. It has about an 18" drop, but I'll measure the entire length tonight. But I can wrap it three times about my neck, or wear it about my waist, and I'm not super tiny.
  10. oh it's gorgeous!!
  11. I made my husband measure the necklace which is actually 42" end to end and the label read Collier Z Argent/Blanc Nacre 70064 and 078A36122Y2005
  12. I like it, keep it! :yes:
  13. keep it! keep it! it's gorgeous!
  14. thanks for the info queenmab!!!

    can u provide us some modeling pics??!
  15. It is gorgeous!