so my rouille first came in..

  1. And its a quirky color at best, and it does look great with my wardrobe, but I'm not sure if its for me so I may return it on monday. Hopefully my ink day will arrive a couple of days after that. Thanks girls for pushing me to try something new!
  2. I'm sorry to hear that, Aarti. Maybe after a few days, it will grow on you? I really like the rouille color. But YOU must love it.
  3. Hi Aarti, I'm of the philosophy that if you don't LOVE it, then it's best to return the item. For the price that we pay for these bags, one should really enjoy carrying them. Sometimes, what everyone else craves, just doesn't suit my personality or style. I have to remind myself not to get caught up in the excitement of certain colors.
  4. ^^^ITA. My Rouille is my special darling. But red-orange is my favorite color in the whole wide world! I feel about rouille the way others feel about blues (which don't do anything for me) and greens (only one green is right for me, and I've got it!).

    Balenciaga offers us every color under the sun -- so if you don't totally love the rouille, send her back! There are more colors waiting for you!
  5. ^^ sorry you don't :heart: her aarti :crybaby:
  6. aaawww... sos orry to hear that, but i understand aarti.
    some colour are just not made for everyone and how much u like it, it's just not "you"...
    g luck on ur new ink then :yes:

  7. I'm with you on this one Highglossfinish. I love my Rouille :love: while Blues do nothing for me either (can't say the same about Greens though because I love most of them ;) ).

    Aarti - if you don't love her then best return her :yes: Sorry it didn't work out for you :flowers:
  8. :crybaby: Aww, sorry to hear that, Aarti.
    But as everyone else said, you should really love your bag or it's just not meant for you.
    Hopefully, the Ink day will be everything you want it to be!
  9. So sorry to hear Rouille doesn't work for you !!!!
    I'm sure INK is a great choice : very versatile
    I'm sure you'll love it :smile:!
  10. I love the color, but it was too worn, or rather too thin? for my liking. But the color is fabulous, I don't think I'll end up keeping it.