so my new vps came

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  1. and i need advice. i bought black patent vps on ebay. they came (beautifully packaged) and i was super excited. when i opened them though, they didn't look shiny like patent. they were shiny but not patent shiny, kwim? i am usually a 40 and i got a 40.5. they're pretty huge. i know i definately need a heel thing but not sure how much i can jimmy them. anyway i held them up to my black kid maternas (which are 40.5 and also big. i wore them today with a heel grip and a toe pad) and they're DEFINATELY not kid. they also have a few little scratches/ marks that were not disclosed. anyway as i was putting them away i looked at the box and realized they said black patent/ jazz. so is that what i have? jazz is like shiny leather but not patent right? can someone clear that up for me?

    the seller doesn't take returns. but do you think i can jimmy them enough to wear or try to resell them or what? do you like jazz? i actually think this is good because they're not too shiny for work but shiny enough to wear for evening but would like other opinions.


    here they are:

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  2. pic of the box:

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  3. I think you should definitely press the seller for a return since there were marks/scratches that weren't mentioned! That is, if you really don't like them. I myself prefer patent to jazz but that's maybe because I just like shiny shoes..heh :P. And yes, from what I've read on this forum, jazz is a kind of shinyish leather, but not as shiny as patent. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
  4. do you think the marks i pictured are bad? they did give me a good deal from what they were asking. i should mention that. i got like 125 off the bin.
  5. i like black jazz..did you get them at a good price? if so, i would keep them and try to make them work with the heel grips, pads etc.

    i cant see too clearly the marks on the shoe but if it bothers you alot, i think you should email the seller and ask about it...doesnt hurt
  6. I think these are very pretty, but they are jazz not patent. I think that the scratches are going to happen as soon as you wear them, all of my patent leather shoes are scratched and scuffed, luckily patent/jazz is easily buffed and shined.
    I would love to see some modeling photos.
    If you do decide to keep them, I hope you enjoy them because they are beautiful.
  7. I like the shoe. I have never seen jazz in person so can't comment from that angle. How comfortable were they today with the inserts? If they were comfortable I would email the seller and ask for a few bucks in return due to the undiclosed damages. Otherwise ask for a return. Lvoe to see modeling pics!
  8. Actually I think they are quite gorgeous. Though I would be annoyed that the seller didn't mention the marks/scratches. I guess since they are a bit big and because of the scratches, I would probably notify the seller and see what could be worked out.
  9. oy. i just had them downstairs in my lobby where i was taking pics of me in my outfit for today (posted in the cl outfits thread! yay!) and my downstairs neighbors came in and i was embarassed so i stopped taking pics. LOL. maybe i can get some tomorrow.

    i didn't try any inserts yet because i was afraid to stick anything in them and make them sticky. i tried a total heel pad and it felt ok but the back was still big. my foot keeps flopping out of them.

    the thing is i REALLY like them but i can only have one pair of these. so do i keep these or try and wait for real patent?
  10. hmmm so most of you guys think the scratches are easy to take care of and not a big deal? if so maybe i'll just let it go and see if a cobbler can buff them out....
  11. I think you should sell them to ME!

    Seriously though, I think the Jazz are perfect for work, and I would see what the seller has to say about the scratches. Scratches are NOT cool.
  12. Aw, h~ From the read of your title, I was bracing myself... :P

    How much bigger are they? I think you can jimmy it by putting Heavenly Heelz on the underside of the vamp and/or Tip Toes near the toe box to fill space, so your foot is more cushioned and tidy. Both have worked well for me. Also, a previous suggestion of having the cobbler insert an additional layer of padding under the original CL insole will be able to take away 1/2 a size.

    Black jazz is supposed to be shiner than kid, but less so than patent. Personally, I like this finish and it looks great! :yes:

    Hopefully, you got a good deal on them... :tup:
  13. oooh xnplo- will that work? an extra layer of padding? eek. i might have to try that. i did the heel and toe on my maternas today and it worked pretty well. they actually gfit well but for some reason on one side it did something to the toe box and it felt like i had a nail pushing through on of my toes all day. i might have to take the toe grip out of that one. it wasn't fun. i'm hoping it will stretch and stop that though.
  14. ^hlfinn I don't think those scratches are too bad. I think it's just the camera flash that accentuates them a bit more than they actually are IRL, right? But I mean I would be a bit disappointed that the seller didn't inform me beforehand. Anyhoo, hope it all works out for you ;) They are nice shoes!
  15. It was angelie who has had it done... HERE. Since you're taking it to cobblers for buff, maybe they can do the inserts at the same time and save you a trip! :yes: