So my new LV Sevres Mahina is defective, what happens next?

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  1. Hi guys - I have zero experience with this. I bought a Severes Mahina April 11, delivered the 12th. So it's been about 32 or so days. Well, I've used it maybe twice, literally as my car companion to go pick up takeout. That's it. I was looking for my earbuds, and low and behold, the lining of one of the outside pockets is ripped on both sides, exposing the Mahina leather. Pics attached. Talked to CS and sent texts to my SA. No doubt it will be deemed defective, but what do they do next? Send you a replacement? Give you credit?

    Anyone who has been here let me know! I am pretty upset. It's almost a 4k bag.

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  2. It doesn't look ripped but rather not sewn from the start. They will probably just replace it or repair it for you. It should be pretty simple since the bag is obviously unfinished.
  3. Most likely LV will have you ship it back to them (I can't remember if they give you a shipping label or not) and then send you a new replacement.
  4. Thanks for responding. On the smaller side, where it's about 1" torn (or unseamed) it's unraveling like crazy. When I put that flashlight on the outside to show where it was apart, the threads just started coming out. Corp said that had it been 30 days no problem, but said it will be deemed defective since it's been 32.

    I've bought 8 more LV bags this month, since then (I revamped my whole bag wardrobe:smile:), so clearly I don't have an issue with that part (making something up to get a new bag) but what if I don't want to chance the same model having the same issue?
  5. It's very unlikely that you would receive another bag that has an issue, especially since this seems to be more of a lack of completion than a defect per se, but if you're not willing to try again then give CS a call and ask for credit instead. It's even possible that they may offer a refund if you didn't want either a replacement or credit but I'm not 100% sure about never hurts to ask.
  6. I agree it looks as if it wasn't finished initially. I would allow LV to handle this, whether it be repair or replace, and keep this bag. Good luck!
  7. They'll take care of it. I would think they'll probably just offer you a new one that's finished properly.
  8. Thank you so much for the replies. My SA sent me a series of texts last night after 11pm really upset about it, even though I'd ordered it through corp. She said she's never seen anything like it! She will let me know today whether they will replace or if I can even have the option of using a credit for something else. I am fine with either, just hate the hassle. And am surprised to have found the defect actually, I was just looking for my earbuds! Thank you all for your time :smile:
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