So my little brother and his wife are prego

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  1. I knew they were trying.. They told me they would be.. His wife is so sweet and they are perfect together. They actually asked my mom if they should wait for me which I thought was so nice to even ask. My mom said to not wait for me.. After all it's been 3 1/2 years and I know my SIL has her own gynecological issues so she didn't even know if she would have issues. I am so happy for them! Of course just a tiny bit jealous but still so overwhelmingly happy. It's so weird that my little brother is going to be a dad! It would be the first grandchild for my folks so it's pretty exciting. I cried a little bit and he asked if I was ok and I said yes and I thanked them for telling me in private and not at some big announcement.

    Of course it's such mixed emotions but I'm in good spirits now. I can't wait to meet my little niece/nephew.
  2. Oh, such mixed emotions! My sister though she was pregnant a few months ago and I felt the same way, excited and dissappointed all at the same time. urned out she was just really late. Then I was relieved and dissappointed...
  3. Am in the same boat too. My younger bro and his wife is expecting their daughter in next month. First grandchild in my family too. Happy and sad all at once.
  4. My is even worse...

    My nephew has had two kids already and I'm a granny!!!!! :girlsigh:
  5. Ugh.. So bittersweet. I had to attend a baptism 2 weeks ago and I can't stand the questions! I'm going to make T shirts that say, "Unless you want to get hurt, don't ask me when I'm going to have kids!"
  6. :roflmfao: Then sell them on tPF. I'll take one, please.
  7. ^ Me too!
  8. I'd like a shirt too please!
  9. LOL! My girlfriend has an iron press.. Maybe I SHOULD ask her to make me some shirts!