So my Green Apple Day came today...

  1. I spent all morning staking out the door since I'm all paranoid after reading Lulu's post and because my carrier not only left a box of $200 jeans with a B-bag
    in a box in front of my door, he also left a package slip for another B-bag on top of the other 2 box so anyone can just pose as me and get it!

    Well, it's super thick and soft, but I'm so scared that it might be fake. The leather does not feel like the leather on any of my other B-bags at all. It's too soft, it almost feels synthetic. The color also isn't as vibrant as I thought it would be, it's more lime green to me than apple green. Also, I just noticed this,the tassles are split on the top zipper, but not the front ones, but the photos she sent me here: show that the bag has unsplit tassles on both. Do you think they sent me a different bag?


    I'll be posting up photos for you ladies to compare the photos.
  2. :nuts: ohhhh isn't it's yummy :nuts: ?? I've the same and I still L:heart: VE it :yahoo: !

    SORRYYYY ... but just read about your 'doubts' - oh I'm sorry if you're not sure about authenticity. Could you post more pics maybe ?
  3. It looks authentic... Congratulations!
  4. Liz, it looks gorgeous and totally authentic to me, congratulations!
    leathers from different seasons do feel different... does it have the leather smell?
  5. I have an apple green city and it has the spongiest, softest leather in my whole collection. Even more so than my 05 turquoise.

    Your bag looks authentic and so pretty! Hold on to her!!
  6. you got yourself a particularly scrumptious green apple!
  7. Oh, the photos up there are ones from the seller. What makes me question it is the spongy feel. But I feel better about it now. It looked a bit brighter after I conditioned it last night, I hope it stays that way even after it dries. I'll be posting my actually photos about 4pm when I get home from class and farmer's market.

    YUM...can't wait for the foccacia bread, been craving it all week! Ditton on fresh ****ake mushrooms:drool::drool::drool:
  8. Such a bright and vibrant color! Love the Day style. Congratulations!
  9. LOVE it LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: