So my epi pepper biarritz arrived today...

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  1. ...and I am SO DISAPPOINTED!

    I mean, the bag is in great shape, and has no visible damage what so ever, but the seller never specified the strap length, and the strap in the picture looks long, so I thought it was a cross body strap, when instead, its just an adjustable shoulder strap.

    What should I do? The seller doesn't accept returns, but I have messaged her. I feel so bad, the seller has been very easy to deal with. But since she never specified strap length (which could be good for me or bad for me), and she apparently doesn't accept returns, should I go ahead and open up a case on the item?
  2. Honestly, you might have no case against the seller unless you had asked the seller or told the seller you wanted a cross body bag. It would also be good if you had done some research here or Check with tpfers. How would the seller know your requirement if you had not communicated that to her? The bag obviously was not meant for crossbody and you had assumed it was. Regardless, good luck on your case.
  3. Well, I'm not just saying this to spare myself the misfortune, but the pictures of it do make the strap look a lot longer. There were no measurements what so ever listed...
  4. Somehow, it all worked out! I am returning the bag to the seller and she is giving me a full refund. Yay!
  5. CongrAts! I think you met a great seller.
  6. well that is cool they let you return it, always try to remember to ask any question just to be safe of no surprises.
  7. You are very lucky the seller will take a return since she was not obligated to. Lesson learnt... always ask questions and don't assume. Good luck with finding the right crossover bag.
  8. The seller is being really really nice and probably just trying avoid getting a problem buyer who doesn't just a google search or ask a question about something important to them. Seriously if you buy something ask questions that are important to you or google something rather than putting the seller through all the work of packing it and sending it and relisting it.
  9. I really think you should've asked before you bought it. This was really your fault and not the sellers in any way! The seller is being really easy on you, I wouldn't have taken it back just like that!
  10. Agree here and what could you have opened up a case for ? It wasn't a SNAD or INR...
  11. You didn't do your due diligence to gather the info needed to understand this listing. That's what "ask a question" is for. You got lucky this time, but it doesn't change the fact that you made the mistake and you should have been willing to accept responsibility. The right thing to do was to keep it and learn from it, not claim against the seller. Then you can always resell what you bought incorrectly. Yes, it would inconvenience you, but it's not fine and correct to inconvenience a seller based on your confusion.

    Another example of how individual sellers on eBay get treated like they're Nordstrom.
  12. I kind of feel sorry for the seller. I see lots of bags on Ebay that look big in the pictures, but you have to read the listing to get the measurements to make sure it's a size that will work for you. Same for the length of the strap. If it's not listed, emailing the seller is the best option. If they don't respond then pass on the auction. If I end up with a bag that is too small for me, I consider it my fault and keep it.
  13. You are VERY lucky here as you have no case and are fortunate that you have encountered an exceptionally nice seller.

    The picture made the strap look longer? Are you kidding? That's like someone saying they thought the bag was bigger but never bothered to look for measurements. I hope you've learned your lesson here to ask questions and do your research. The seller has been inconvenienced for the sake of your convenience.
  14. I agree that the buyer doesn't have much of a case and the seller was being nice in accepting the return.

    Yes, the buyer should not have assumed, but the seller also should have specified. All dimensions should be included in a listing so there are no surprises for the buyer.
  15. But this is not grounds for any claim after the fact of buying it. It's grounds for a buyer to be proactive beforehand.