So, my DH and I are watching the fire...

  1. and I do mean watching the fire itself, which is making the sky glow outside our window, as well as on the television, because we live pretty close to Griffith Park in Los Angeles and this is a HUGE fire, and the question of packing for evacuation comes up.(In a theoretical way - we're near the evacuation center, so we should be good.) Everyone says dog first, of course, and I say picture albums and my daughter lists a couple of toys. I look at my husband and ask " Which guitars?" and he names a couple. He looks at me and says " You'll be bringing your Balenciagas, I suppose?" Well, maybe. After the dog and the photos, though. I swear they weren't first on my list!
  2. omg I hope you are safe...I just got back to nyc from LA this morning and am worried about my sister and grammie who live there...

    and...i think you should pack ur bals too :smile:

    p.s. cute little doggie!
  3. I hope everything goes well at ur end....if i were u, pls pack ur bbags first as u wuldn't know wat's next.....Better play safe~~
  4. I've been glued to the set all day/night. Its come dangerously close to the zoo (I have today off) but have been in touch with the keepers that are staying late and so far the threat has diminished some. The animals are locked up and doing fine. The fire came down to the golf course which is right next to the zoo but so far, so good.

    and yeah, I can see it from my house too. I don't think I can sleep tonight.
  5. I'm so glad the animals are okay at the zoo! My daughter (age 9) has been fretting about them all evening.

    It's a strange night here in Los Feliz. I don't think I'm going to sleep much, either.
  6. That's just scary... It seems like we are going to have lots of these this year again...? We need rain~~~
  7. tell your daughter that keepers will be there all night to make sure they are safe! and the fire seems to be moving away from that area. I'm just hoping the hot embers stay away too.
  8. Wow, hope you all and the zoo animals are safe! I'm "across the pond" in Paris right now but turned on CNN this morning and saw the news. Do they have the fire contained yet? I think its going to be a VERY bad year for fires. :sad:
  9. hey pseub! paris, eh??? you lucky gal.
    its only about 30% contained with some 600+acres burned so far.
  10. I'm in Atwater Village and can see the flames from my house too. I pondered what I'd take with me if I had to evacuate - I don't have any Balenciagas yet, so I'd take my Chanels! Hope it dies down by morning....
  11. I hope everyone is ok in that area. I can see that huge dark smoke in the sky from my area.
  12. Well, I'll be holding a good thought for you all and monitoring the news on the Blackberry. Keep safe!
  13. happy shopping pseub! take lots of photos!
  14. Well, I'll be keeping ya'll in my prayers! I'm sure that is so scary!