So my body just refuses to go into labor naturally!

  1. I was induced with my dd and had her 5 days after my due date. I figured with this being the second child, and the amount of discomfort and contractions I was experiencing, I would certainly be able to go into labor on time, or maybe even early.

    Boy was I WRONG! I am due today and am scheduled for an induction on Tues. b/c while my cervix is open (and the dr could feel the baby's head), I'm still "thick" and nothing is going on! I am so disappointed in having to wait AGAIN for the birth of my baby, but am at least glad that I have a set end date in sight. I'm telling my boss today that Fri. is my last day here- that's been the most disappointing part - I am sooo tired, sore and my feet and lower legs are HUGE, so I was really hoping to stop working long before now. I'm trying to stay positive and look at it as more accrued vaca/sick time and an extra week of pay that I previously didn't expect (but man, I can't wait to not come back for a bit)!

    Well, I hope everyone else is doing well. I will be sure to post some pics of my tardy child (and her older, and equally tardy sister) once she finally gets here!
  2. good luck to you and best wishes for a safe and speedy delivery!
  3. hang in there!!

    Lots of sympathy for you, we had to drag my kids out too! LOL!
  4. I was due, really due (I keep accurate records of when i concieve) for my first baby. However, i didn't have any signs of the baby coming, no contraction, no show, no dilation, no nothing. Even a day after induction, there was just nothing going on...I figured I couldn go on like this and elected for a C-sect. For me, was glad i did it as my baby was huge and i wouldn have made it through a natural.

    Sister, hang in there, the end is in sight. Hope this poem blesses you:

    Dear Baby, here beneath my heart,
    I thought that you might come today;
    The timing seemed just right.
    But the stars are out
    And the moon is high
    And sheepishly I wonder why
    I try to arrange the plans of God.
    For now I know
    You will not come until the One
    Who holds eternity rustles your soft cocoon
    And whispers in tones that I will not hear,
    “Its time, precious gift.
    Now it’s time.”

    Robin Jones Gunn
  5. Good luck to you!
  6. Thanks everyone! At least I don't have to go back to work on Monday!

  7. :lol: Just the way you put that made me laugh.

    Good luck on Tuesday!!

    I had to get induced too. But we did it a week before my due date.
  8. Good luck and keep us updated!
  9. ^^^ I promise I will keep everyone updated!

    omgsweet - you're lucky they let you do it early . . . I'm just happy they didn't make me wait an extra week before scheduling it. I swear, if my dr hadn't agreed to scheduling the induction last week, I would have strangled her!
  10. Good luck to you! :smile::smile: