so my batignolles is made in...

  1. USA.

    does anyone know where the "factories" are?

    MODS, im not sure whether to put this here or in Louis Vuitton References section...
  2. I believe it is in California.
  3. ^^ i am pretty sure its in Cali too
  4. ^ but where in cali?
  5. I dont really know.......... srry
  6. That I don't know. Maybe a Cali resident will know and post.
  7. does your date code begin with SD?
    if so, most likely it's from San Dimas, CA where one of the LV US factory is located.
  8. :yes:
  9. Hey, that's interesting to know!
  10. Yeah San Dimas is the only one I know of.
    Also, it's hard to find a BH that ISN'T made in USA since it's a more popular style. :yes:
  11. san dimas??? i went to school like right next to that city!

    *in search..of the factory :sneaky:
  12. San Dimas... that's where "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" took place. Guess that town is all about class! :roflmfao:

  13. Cool! I didn't know!
  14. I have never come across an LV that is made in the USA. Just from Paris and Spain (I get my LV from Europe and Asia). Perhaps US made LVs are just marketed in the US?