So much more then a Pochette!

  1. My Pochette Montaigne IVORY just arrived - and I'm very surprised: that pochette is much more then a pochette! It's a real little bag because it holds a lot. For me it will be also a very good every day bag. I was nervous till the postman was here, because I never saw this bag in realitiy before. It's my first bag I ordered before I saw it at the store. But now I'm happy: It's such a cute and classy little bag!:okay:
    montaigne 004.jpg
  2. Aww! Sweet! Congrats- what a beautiful purse!!!
  3. Nice purchase, enjoy!
  4. Beautiful! I always love that bag.So classy. Congrats!
  5. Eine sehr schoen tache. Congrats. It looks so chic.
  6. Beautiful!!! Congrats!
  7. Congrats! :smile:
    I really like this bag, and it does look so much bigger IRL then in pics. I was really impressed with the size of it when I saw it. Mmmm I think I may need a small bag :graucho:
  8. wow she looks so classy and stunning...congrats!!

    i'd love to see some modeling pics tho..TIA :smile:
  9. She's so pretty ... congrats and enjoy!
  10. I just ordered this bag too......I'm worried about the buckle getting all scratched up......
  11. So pretty. Many congrats.
  12. Thank you dcooney, its really eine schoene Tasche!
  13. spangle, I think its absolutely necessary to have a small bag!!!! :graucho::graucho::graucho:Go for it - this bag is cute, chic, elegant, classy, - just beautyful!:heart:
  14. beautiful!
  15. congrats ! it is such a classy bag i can say ! enjoy to have it !