So much more than a pretty necklace! ::Share Your Story::

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    So i was just reading over some topics today and it got me thinking, every piece of jewelry I have has a story behind it. They all have that special memory, or moment that Ill never forget.

    Heres one of mine.

    Every time I put on the necklace my dad gave me it takes me back to the day that he gave it to me and makes me smile. It was the third time that my dad who was in the military was being shipped out, and every time got harder and harder. I was so close to my dad and just couldnt bear the thought of him possibly not coming back. This time was the hardest, my dad was getting older and I felt even more strongly that he shouldnt be going. I couldnt stop crying that day, all i wanted was for my dad to wrap his arms around me and make me feel better. The last thing he did before he left was give me a simple, beautiful diamond necklace. He wrapped his arms around me and wispered "I want this to always remind you that I will come back, and I love you so much." It always made me feel better when I was missing him and is one of my most precious belongings.

    I love reading about all the special moments that go along with giving or receiving jewelry, so post yours for everyone to see.

    I was killing some time at work and reading some stories over at and saw that they have a contest running right now too. Post your story over there and you might win a really pretty diamond necklace. There arnt too many stories right now so why not try =)

  2. I'll add my story!
    1st pendant - A butterfly, although it may not be big or flashy it means a lot. I have a twin sister and we're close and I've always been a fan of butterflys. Well it was our 18th birthday and we were moving from home to seperate schools. So she got me a gorgeous yet simple butterfly necklace that I wear every day. It means a lot because it's from her and she didn't have to get such a nice gift.
    2nd pendant - I've been dating my wonderful boyfriend for almost 2 years but we didn't celebrate our first Christmas (we had been on a break the previous month and we just hadn't talked about Christmas). Anyways, he has never been very serious with a girl and said he would never buy a girl jewelry unless he thought she was "the one" because it was really suppose to mean something. Well, this Christmas he got me a GORGEOUS 1kt journey necklace, and I was stunned! I knew he was the one but that just really showed me how he felt other than how he shows it in other ways (not buying me things). He is absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to see what the rest of our relationship has in store!
    Ring - grandma passed away and let me a stunning diamond solitaire I am in love with it and wear it every day. I wasn't close with her until her final years but other than my mother she is one hell of a strong woman! It reminds every day of her and makes me laugh because that's what she was good at, making people laugh!
    I attached a picture as well!
  3. I love that second pendant, your boyfriend has good taste :smile:
  4. Bumpity bump. Only one persons got a great story? Come on, I know there are more out there!

  5. i have a diamond tennis necklace which i bought with DH's credit card. the story:
    oldest son played travel sports - DH loved it! but since both parents had to contribute to the team i was always stuck with flipping burgers in the heat or selling cold sodas and chips in the rain.. DH was always the game announcer or scorekeeper: he got to pick and choose the cushy jobs while i got the drudge work. so i bought the diamond necklace and flipped those burgers and sold those sodas in s-t-y-l-e. i always laugh when i wear it now.
  6. Thanks! Where is everyone's story :shrugs:
  7. For my 20th birthday my boyfriend got me a single pearl on a gold chain. He'd been asking me and asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I couldn't think of anything, but finally that popped in my head. So I told him. He threw me a surprise party that year, the weekend before my actual birthday (I really had no was SO sweet!!!) And he gave me the necklace for my present. Then, later on that night, he asked me to go grab his cigarettes out of his pocket. I went to get them, and there were matching earrings!! It was so completely sweet and he did that all on his own. Later, his mom told me that he'd planned to give me the earrings on my actual birthday. I thought it was soo cute that he couldn't wait to give them to me. :smile: