So much for the purse ban...I cracked already

  1. I went to pick up my heat stamped tag for my black MC petite noe, which was my last bag for a long, long time. I told my DH about the groom line and the cles before we went in the store and showed him online what is was. (I can talk about purses, I just can't say I want another one for a long time) I told him the price and he said that's all. (He is used to me making large purchases at LV I guess $200 didn't seem so bad) So he asked to see them and he said get it, and I said well I will think about it and left because I really am trying to be good. We did a lap around the mall and he said go get it, so I did. I just love that little guy and the cles looks adorable on my speedy 30.
    OK Purse Ban officially back on.
  2. I SWORE no more after I bought my Damier Ribera, THEN yesterday I decided I could not pass on the Stephen arrived today. NOW...NO MORE until the Mirrior line...really!!! I swear!!!!! lol help!!!
  3. its okay to crack! at least you got encouragement from your DH! congrats on the new groom items!!
  4. I hear ya about the ban! LOL!!!

    I got my early Xmas gift last fri. (Epi speedy). Dh said that was my Xmas gift. Ok...then said later for Xmas just get a few access. I'm like ok. So then the groom line came out. Ughhhh...And everyones saying how limited it is. So...picked up some now I have my access. that I was gonna try and hold off til Nov. early Dec. Oh well...:rolleyes:

    Gonna exch. the groom wallet I got though..the zippy org. (too big). Probably get the red poch. wallet. We'll see...

    Congrats on your buys!! Ok, ban...back ON!
  5. That's no SO bad....congrats!!

    Don't worry...I was on a bag ban too and then I slipped and bought a graffiti pochette. Hee hee oops!!
  6. Congrats on your Groom Cles! I just got mine today. I've been telling myself for a week or two that I'm on a ban too after getting the Groom Cles...but I'm already looking around at other stuff!
  7. Congrats! And hey, it's hard not to crack when you're in a LV store!!!!
  8. You set a bad example for the rest of us who are on the ban.Now we all have excuese.:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. LOL! You have such a sweet and understanding man. Congrats!
  10. Oh well, it could have been so much worse than $200...right???
    Congratulations on your purchase!
  11. cracked too...mono popincourt haut, pouchette wallet groom, mono cles...I was going to get the groom cle but, opted for the mono so it will go with everything...maybe I should have went with the groom cle and the mono wallet...the darn red stripe got me...
  12. i am in a bag ban too..but man :crybaby:i still have the groom cles in my shopping bag on elux.. what should i do :shrugs:
  13. LOL! Well, that's not so bad. It's limited, so you've got to get it while you can! Congrats!
  14. At least your hubby gave you the go ahead! That was really sweet.
  15. I hear you..I am officially banned but I know I will crack..

    Congrats..don't feel bad ..