So much for my bag ban ~ Outlet find this weekend!

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  1. Got to hang out with two lovely ladies I used to work with and we had lunch then hit up the outlet mall in town. Started with the Coach outlet, then went to other shops only to end up back at Coach.. lol

    I told myself after my last (non-Coach) ebay find link here, I was on a no buy for sure!

    Well, I saw this bag and couldn't get it out of my mind and the outlet was doing a 50/10 on non-clearance items so had to snag her, at $196, regularly $398.

    Here's my new Legacy Studded Haley in black :heart::love::heart:


    Owl fob I bought last year, but figured it was appropriate with V-Day upcoming :smile:
    Of course, now I'll want to find a matching wallet... LOL
  2. I love that!!! I'm kickin myself for not getting something in the Black Studded!!
  3. Lovely! Isn't that always the case when just stopping in at the Coach outlet? :smile:
  4. Love the Haley's! The studs are really nice on that one!
  5. Lucky you!
  6. Beautiful! Congrats!
  7. I love this bag! Saw it at my outlet early this year and I still think about it. Cool purse. Enjoy it!
  8. Congrats, bans never seem to work for me either!!
  9. Thanks all =)
  10. Great score, congrats!
  11. Twins! Congrats!
  12. Love it . I have the mini tanner in the studded. Congrats !
  13. I need a studded bag. NEED. That is gorgeous!

    Enjoy your find! :biggrin:

  14. Yes yes you do!!! And thx! :smile: