So much for having a "Purse Ban"

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  1. Hi gals!
    I just got back from NM's presale and, after trying to avoid the Chanel area (Who am I kidding?!?).. I was pulled into that corner. First, I thought.. Ohh.. not really anything in particular (phew, good for my purse ban) UNTIL, the SA (Gosh, she's great!) showed me one that was beautiful!! Very subtle... From last year's fall collection. I'm gonna try to take a pic, but my BF is here... I'm gonna have him go to the living room to watch some TV. Anywhoo.... It's something like the bolt bag?? Any one familiar with??:confused1:
  2. Okay, here's the pictures... Sorry for the poor quality, I can't find my camera, hence.. the camera phone! I like this one.. Very subtle, plus I don't have this color and it's very soft. :yahoo:

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  3. cute! may i know how much was it?
  4. Thanks! It was $1750 marked down to $1225 +tax.
  5. Cute! very unique, I like.
  6. nice, congrats
  7. That IS a cute bag! Very unusual.

    I always tell myself I am going to avoid the Chanel area... and it just pulls me in as well. If I don't want to spend money, it's best for me not to go anywhere near the store's vicinity.
  8. OH I KNOW!!! I was actually proud of myself not going into that corner for two days straight, but I gave in... I was thinking.. "Okay, how often does Chanel go on sale??? I might as well give it a try!! And there ya have it! Hehehe.. It is a different model from the usual chanel. Fits my daily lifestyle as I dress really casual. Another thing is that I don't have a purse in that color! (excuses, excuses.. hehe I know). ANYTHING to justify a Chanel purse!!!:rolleyes:
  9. i have seen that bag and i like it very much. very nice purchase! enjoy!
  10. lol u dont need to justify a fabulous chanel purchase :P as long as you love it, its a worthwhile buy!!! ;) Congrats on the new bag, its great!
  11. Thanks everyone!! It's a very comfy purse :biggrin:
    Does anyone know, btw, the actual name of it?? I'm not too sure what it's called.

    Thanks in advance
  12. I don't know the name of it but I really like the size of it. Congrats.
  13. It's a very cute bag. A chanel sale is impossible to resist!
  14. very cute! congrats! definitely dont feel bad about it.
  15. Very nice. Great price too.