So much for being mindful! Opinions please!

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  1. Okay, I thought I would skip the BE sale, but now the red WTM midi has become foremost in my congested head!

    Has anyone seen a Fiamma Red bag? What are your opinions?
  2. Fiamma red! the pics are gorgeous!! Look at the pic of the fiamma red kiss me!!

    Sandy, I was considering that bag, too!! If you get it that saves me from real financial hardship, lol!!

    Seriously, you are familiar with hte style, so the question is, do you want a red bag? In this style??
  3. I like red and I love the style! The pink is intriguing too! I just emailed Rose about what she thinks about these 2. Aren't you getting a pink bag? The new hobo?

    I sold my girlfriend's pewter WTM and immediately regretted not buying it myself! But, I really love the pewter Love Me Midi pics I have seen. I need to move away from the crash!
  4. The red is gorgeous! I think someone here got a WTM in red....? let me see if I can find the pics
  5. You totally should get the red wtm midi! I've been using mine a fair bit and it's such a stunning red! I think bali_girl's pictures of her red tme best represent the colour and texture of the leather. I'm not sure if the one in the sale has gold or silver hardware though.
  6. Thank you all! I think I am going for it! ^^the website doesn't specify the hardware, but I think it would look great with both. Gold would probably be best, but I wear alot of silver and my rings are plat.
  7. Hey girl! I'm pretty sure I'm the one adopting your gf's Pewter WTM. I assure you that she is going to a very loving home. :heart:

    That Flamma Red is such a beautiful shade of red! I love it in the WTM style.
  8. Thank you all!! That is pretty bright red - I wish I could see it in person! The website doesn't specify the hardware. Gold would be so pretty!

    I just tried to process the order and it didn't work! Fortunately for me Rose is still around so it may still work! She is such a sweetheart!!!
  9. Hey back!! I told my husband today that he married a crazy lady! You often hear of buyer's remorse, but seldom seller's remorse! You are a very lucky girl!!

    I am getting my pewter fix with the Love Me midi!

    Your bag will be shipped tomorrow:heart::heart:
  10. No worries, lady! :hugs:
  11. I got a red bag on a complete whim, Sandy. Not a BE. It was completely out of character for me, and it's turned out to be one of my favorite bags. I can wear it with 90% of my closet.

    Red stops traffic. Truly. And the fiamma red is one of the prettiest reds I've ever seen.
  12. :heart::heart:to you Crazy4Bags!

    gga - that sounds like what happened with me and the crash leathers! I never would have thought it me!

    Good news! Rose was still awake and put the bag aside for me:yahoo:

    For some reason, most of the time I try to process an order on the BE site there is an issue!