SO mistakes? Does it ever happen?

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  1. And what do you do if it does happen? and what if H made the mistake?
  2. I've heard it does happen sometimes - wrong hardware color, alligator instead of croc, etc. :shrugs: You don't have to take the bag, but you have to start waiting all over again for the "correct" bag to be made.:cry:
  3. Yes, it happens.

    And the reasons for mistakes occurring are varied. Sometimes, it's due to translation from English or a local language to French. Sometimes, it's because the specifications were not clearly stipulated during submission by the store, sometimes because assumptions were made on the part of the craftsman when a certain detail is not specified etc etc ...

    The choice is yours. Is the finished combination still desirable? If it is not, you can reject it, let your store re-submit a new one. But then, you have to wait all over again. And if it's a rare colour/skin combi, and if H no longer offers it, then you won't be able to re-submit a new SO. Which by then, the SO that has arrived, would have been offered to another customer and sold.
  4. I'd like to add on sometimes, customers having a misconception especially for crocs colours.
  5. I only order porosus croc even if it would take much longer wait. One of my bag order arrived in 'Alligator' about a month ago, it was not even nilo (croc)!!!!! I am NOT saying alligator is bad, what I am saying is it would make more sense how mistake had happened if it arrived in nilo since nilo is crocodile as well as porosus.
  6. It happened to me in January. My SO came in the wrong primary color. I didn't like it, so my store re-ordered it. I'm hoping for better luck the second time around. :smile:

    In the last six or so years, I've received two SOs, and they were both perfect.
  7. Yep! That's the hard part! :P
  8. Yes, it happens--just like with my latest reveal. But I am glad they got the leather, color and hardware right. :biggrin:

    Love my bag. Really do. :heart:
  9. Yes, it happens more often than you think. I have had the wrong size, wrong hardware, more than once!!! I only order 30cms from this particular boutique so it didnt' make any sense to me. The other boutique that I ordered from got the wrong hardware...and they too also know that I prefer gold. I do think in my cases, it was an error in France, not in my part of Alaska.
  10. it does happen, in my case a blue jean mat croc kelly wallet came with gold hardware silver stamp and for me and my standards wrong so , went back still waiting but its hermes .!!!
  11. If it was just size/hardware difference, if you are a good customer, maybe they were just offering you a similar bag so that you did not have to wait for your order?
  12. My theory about mistakes with SOs. I believe that when a bag comes in that is sufficiently similar to an SO, they offer it to a client with the hopes that they will take it. Even a PO with different hardware may be hard to resist if you have been waiting long enough. It just gives you more options and perhaps in the time it has taken for the order to come in, you have changed your mind anyway.
  13. Thanks all!! On the theory that misery loves company, I have to admit that I am relieved to learn it didn't just happen to me. But, sorry that anyone had to share the disappointment. In my case, I think somewhere in the process, someone thought the bag would look better the way they produced it, as opposed to the way I ordered it. The only problem with that, however, is they are not me. I am fairly confidant it was supposed to be my order, but just not the way I ordered it.

    MrsS - your point is spot on. When I turned it down, I was advised that I would not be able to place a re-order, since somewhere in the 3 years I waited for it to arrive, they discontinued various aspects of it. But I knew, if I took it, I'd be unhappy because it was not really what I wanted. So I decided to move on. Or not, as the case seems to be, since I am sitting here 2 months after turning it down, still talking about it. Oh well, I know I made the right decision, even if my desire for something new is clouding my common sense.

    and btw, after starting this thread yesterday, I called the store to see if it is still there, just to take a second look. It apparently was sold the same day I turned it down. Someone got a very big surprise for Christmas!
  14. It's take it of leave it, I guess. Sometimes SO mistakes can turn out to be a nice one although it is not made according to your specs.

    If you don't mind the re-waiting time for the correct order to arrive, then just refuse it.
  15. My point exactly.