So many wallets!

  1. Which do you prefer? I saw the cambon bifold wallet in the glass case last week & it seemed a little too thick. Is the long zip around wallet any thinner? Which would you all pick for the sale?
  2. My main criteria for buying a wallet is that it has to lie flat once it is opened (if that makes sense).

    I have a classic Chanel wallet with two CCs on front and clasp. Credit Card slots on one side, clasp coin purse on other side. I think it was $575. Best wallet I ever had and worth every penny. If I have time I will try to post a pic later today.
  3. I'll let you know after my SA calls me! He is brining in a lot of Chanel wallets for me to choose from :P
  4. Thanks guys that'd help a lot! I'm thinking I might go either really big, with the zip around, or really small, w/ the credit card holder! I can't decide!
  5. I have the zip around and love it. I put alot of receipts in my wallet and with zip around I don't have to worry about them falling out. I have plenty of credit card slots and there is also a zipped compartment for change. It's a great wallet and if you can get it on sale...even better.
  6. i personally just don't like thick wallets in general, but i saw someone with the bifold wallet a while ago and i thought it was uber cute =] i guess it really just depends on what you look for in a wallet.
  7. I just bought the zip around wallet/purse (they call it). At first I thought it might be too big, but it is so functional. I love it. I always liked a zip wallet-feel safer with my stuff. I bought the pink cambon one on sale and I am so happy with it. Funny thing is I thought I was getting the large flap wallet-my sister has it. I was explaining it had a zipper and the SA must have thought I was talking about the zip around wallet so she sent me this. It will probably be my favorite wallet.
  8. anyone has a picture of the zip around? it sounds sooo cute!
  9. Oooh! I want to see too! Zip around sounds like what I'm looking for...what are the measurements?
  10. If you look on Ebay under cambon wallets some should pop up. Of course 99.9% are fake but it does give you a idea of what they look like.
  11. I don't like the ones that fold up, I only carry and prefer the long ones, then I can usually squeeze a checkbook in there as well.
  12. Has anyone seen any wallets that are still on sale? I can't seem to find any!